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Preface Kindly read about Surpassinggoogle.Your donations will go towards the set-up of a physical hub located in the Philippines called Macrohard.

Donation Details To support this endeavor, kind donate. Here are some options: via PayPal: via Fundition:!/@surpassinggoogle/jfnt9dxs7 (FIAT & Digital Currencies via Patreon: via STEEM/HIVE: @surpassinggoogle Contact me for other options e.g BTC, ETH, LTC etc via ''.

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My name is Terry Ajayi and my username across the internet is 'surpassinggoogle'. I am mere dust, a legitimate illiterate and 'your boy Terry'.What is surpassinggoogle?"Removing all barriers to entry from 'everything good', that 'everything good' becomes available to every(any)one"; "abating hand-to-mouthism and half-humanism".There is a rarity in the 'great men' industry; we fix this rarity, we surpass google. @surpassinggoogleSurpassinggoogle - Preface "I have done time!" @surpassinggoogleThe result? "The models are set now; there are dates now, lights can go right inside tunnels now!"Based on unadulterated feedback from each human in my journey and 'most-utmost and especial insight from the Creator Jehovah', the 'Teardrops ecosystem' was established, including all its tenets and paradigms.It is established, 'humans simply need their shine; humans simply need to shine'. It was the…

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Video has a transcription or subtitle for easier understanding! Stay awesome Morissette fans.

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Sasagipin Kita By Darren Espanto - Foreigner Video Reaction!


Save Surpassinggoogle! I Am In Rubble; Arm Outstretched! Take My Hand!

This is a very lengthy publication. (Altogether, it may contain some 20,000 words). Among other things, it contains a fundraiser 'to setup a physical hub/office called 'Macrohard' in the Philippines, for programmers'.Right after this notice, i will lay bare a synopsis of the 'fundraiser aspect' of this publication. However, if you are able to buy out opportune time, i implore you to read the entire publication, applying your 'spirit and being' to paying attention to 'your boy Terry', in one giant read.In the publication, i covered the 'histories and stories' until today. I spoke in an undertone, not only so that you can dig to reach me, but also so that you can 'mine of your human' in the process and find 'my gift' to you. I spoke of my ulogacy and i revealed the 'blue-print for world-adjustment', using knowledge contained in the 'no-books'.My name is 'surpassinggoogle' across the internet. I spoke…