All I Want Is That Entire World Read This Post. Help Me Build The First Macrohard Hub For Programmers, Starting With The Philippines.

Just in case you were not able to read  this post directly on Fundition (where there are some additional details), you can read most of the post right here (below). Please do!
I am Terry, 'your boy terry' and i implore you to kindly buy out time to watch the entirety of my 43:43 mins video below:
If you have seen my video, my "Thank You" is hefty!
That video constitutes everything that i currently represent. It is my entire tired being in the rubble. It is me stretching out my hand once again, so that you can give me a hand.  
Terry is fading. Suffering has now eaten so deep into my body. At this point, at this very point and i am in dire need of a healing.
It is hard to explain these things, when i can manage to put out a laugh, when i can manage to share laughter to others, when i can still manage to talk (talking dead) but if you had paid close attention while watching my video, to look into my weak eyes and listen to my 'gasps for air' within every short sentence, you will understand these things, that i have found hard to explain.
I really need to heal and it is now. I really, really, really need help to heal and it is now.
Incase, you weren't able to complete the video above, i implore you to please read my article below! 
It also contains my words and i have broken down to pop them.

I Need Your Support To Kick-Start The Creation Of The First MacroHard Hub, Here In The PhilippineS.

I am Terry, 'your boy Terry' and i am @surpassinggoogle on steemit. I have been on steem for more than two years.
I love steem. I love the humans that constitute steem. With regards to humans, 'your boy terry' is a constant, whether bulls or bears.
But this particular 'terry' is entirely broken now. 'My being' is unstoppable but my body is now in over-drive and it has been, for a long time now.
I am very positive though!
How so?
'Surpassing Google' never stops! 
It began from when i was a boy. The journey en-route "surpassing google" started when i was 13. From that particular time, i began to suffer , i began to grasp suffering and 'my suffering' was to have no outlet'; this i knew!
For the entire model and curriculum(s) behind 'surpassing google' to play out in-order and come out ripe, i needed to suffer without an outlet.
Don't worry, this was a positive thing! 
I had special gifts, those needed to undertake this particular route. I had special virtues that allowed me to grasp, process and understand 'suffering' and redirect it. I was also gifted with a special understanding of life & humans.
I am only human though. I am very broken now.
When i arrive on steem, it was the sweetest thing. Prior to steem, i never rested. I had left my parents to be in the Philippines, alone. I was spending the years, doing 'time' in suffering, waiting for insight and learning. I was shaping out the model for surpassinggoogle, identifying the 'true needs' of the world of humans, the true state of the world etc
I found steem (organically via google) while in the Philippines and for the first time, 'surpassing google' began to take real shape. I could see better, for steem constituted also, "a CCTV into the true state of the world".
I began various aspects of the curriculum(s) that would play out "surpassing google", here on steem, in the midst of loving humans (steemians) as has been evident with #untalented #teardrops #steemgigs #ulog etc
Now, more than ever, we are closest to "Surpassing Google"! All the models are ready (for the first time ever) but it is also 'now' that my body is leaving me.
Terry is fading!
Besides all the 'setbacks and odds and unforeseen occurrences' (e.g my mum's passing away, my dad's illnesses, expenses etc) that have chosen this particular 'dire times' to drown me; my body itself is beginning to fail me.
I want to heal but i so, so, so can't do this alone. This is known!
Quickly speaking of my body, many times, with regards to 'healing it', i am alone. Not because i choose to be but because many times, i am not effectively able to explain my state to others well enough. (even doctors see me and say i look fine) 
e.g can i explain to someone 'well enough', that i have not 'slept for years' and that it kills me? Well, the fact that i can even talk about it or relate it to someone, means i am not dying but how about 'talking dead'? (Talking dead isn't a very renown concept).
How about my 24/7-excruciating all-body-long pains? How can i explain that to someone (well enough), 'when i can manage to pull a laugh while trying to explain it; 'when i can visit the discord talks and talk for 10 hours to inspire others'?; AND how do i explain that i seek the toilet bowl many times during a day (to pull of a steem post etc), just to find a hollow place to suspend by body on, because my body can't touch surfaces without pains.
Can i explain that a young man like me doesn't see sunlight, don't visit places, don't have leisure, physically forgets to breathe well, struggles to poop once a week?
Can i relay evidence that i have lost every near-term memory, when i can manage to pull of this post or pull off the creation of the model?
Then, my nerves are 'always on' and my brain no longer knows how to control that i.e i don't have the ability to relax and the ability of controlling my brain to relax my nerves. How do i explain this to someone well enough. Then, can i explain well enough, that with 'nerves always on', i can't enjoy anything; yes, "anything"?
Can i explain the 'trauma' well enough, that i went through from watching my mum die (for her last 30 mins), after spending only 16-days with her (after now having seen her for 5 years); or the trauma from watching my dad (who doesn't sleep) wail in suffering everyday.
Can i explain the anxiety from seeking ways to raise money each day (especially for my dad's maintenance medicine), as i practically feel like 'a killer' any time i fail to.
I am not even able to explain these things 'well enough' to the understanding of even my close sisters. So, can i really explain it 'well enough' to the understanding of everyone?
This being the hard case, i end up staying mute and pushing and drowning and pushing and drowning, till my body and brain breaks.
It is hard for me to heal alone and i come here to now ask support.
I am very positive and the only way i can explain these things is with my ulogacies; converting any evidence of my intense suffering to 'light', by means of,, teardrops SMT and Macrohard and taking these light and shine, right into tunnels, so that those in the tunnels no longer need to wait 'till the end of the tunnel'.
For this particular sake, my being just never rests.
To really heal, i need support especially with regards to bringing my steem-based projects to life.
Weeks ago, i broke down for the first time after many years with dengue fever. I had prayed to have some fever, that perhaps, my body and my being can retire and rest, even if for once but suddenly my dad fell ill too. He caught the dengue fever as well but with giant effect and he hasn't fully recovered till date.
His brain entered a sleep over-drive and began to lose mental energy. For days, he kept sleeping and he became weak and function-less.
We got him to the hospital in an ambulance and spent only 5 days there, where they mostly only hydrated him to treat his dengue fever and amassed us 1000 USD in bills; only to bring my dad back home how he left in sleep-mode.
In my case, there is just never rest.
I am very positive and i want to heal and now is the time-ly time because now, all the models for my projects are set and ready and it is the building and completion of these projects that is left to be done. This is where i need your support, especially now, when steem price is low.
Let me explain the models for my projects briefly......
Surpassing Google - 'removing all barriers to entry' with regards to 'every good thing', so that suddenly, 'everyone' can deserve and derive 'every good thing'.
See also this old picture:

from my introduceyourself post. I highlighted, this image to further explain why "surpassing google" requires serving the search engines, with fresh human content, where 'content is queen'.
For 'surpassing google' to succeed, we will have to reach everyone with a token. Thus, a core part of our ecosystem involves the release of the Teardrops SMT.
The teardrops SMT is our token, a 'breakthrough token' and 'emblem of human' to reward 'proof of tears', happy, sad or un-fell. It will have a Colorless Paper.
Now within the ecosystem of the Teardrops SMT, will be 3 steem-based interfaces:
  • - to instill a culture of ulogging (mining the human daily) into the world. 
  • -  to create an ecosystem of freelancers & dream-builders (SteemGiggers), where "everyone has something to offer".
  • Macrohard - to make 'everyone' capable on their own, of building a noble dream by creating a programming protocol in which 'everyone' can suddenly 'code with swag'.
While & are already undergoing development, however slow; it is now essential that Macrohard begins, starting with a physical hub located in the Philippines.
Why So?
In recent times, 'the going' has been extremely tough. I am one who desires the more testimonial harder route when it comes to my endeavors and i have taken this route all my life. 
I would push till i am broken, so that the world and generations-yet-unborn can find some extra light. 
Too many years of doing just this and my body has now broken down, so critically. Besides, all my sacrifices, many unforeseen events happened recently and my overall health has declined critically in recent times.
My mum passed away (Nov 24, 2017) and without much or any time in 'the world of recovery', i had to relocate my dad to the Philippines to live with him and cater to him as a son. Upon his arrival though, i noticed that he has accrued many illnesses.
My mum kept this away from me. Knowing of my constant depression and knowing that i was alone in the Philippines etc
Prior to his arrival, i desired to open a MacroHard hub in my house, so that among other things, it could afford me the ability of staying at home to really take care of my dad, in my mum's absence. Too, for the first time, i could have some companionship right at home and my dad could feed off of some of this companionship too, especially in the absence of my mum, whom he was bound to miss.
Too this effect, i rented a house that could also fit in a Macrohard hub. This made rent very expensive.
However, unlike planned, i was never able to start the hub but i had continued to pay rent.
The thing is, when my dad arrived, i found him very ill. First of all, he has dementia, then add glaucoma to that, in a great man, who seeks his wife (of 35 years) as she was taken away from him to the Philippines, so abruptly.
Quickly see these two short videos:
In the second video, my mum returned home for a short period, after recovering from a 2-weeks period of "can't move-talk-walk" in the hospital shown in the first video, thinking she was Leukamia-free; and see how much joy they (my parents) could still play out. 
Then, she started to grow weak again and with her small energy, she left him so abruptly, to be able to arrive in the Philippines to see her son, where we went on to spending her last 16 days together from hospital to hospital.
Please look closely, to see the state of my dad's legs here:
Both videos above happened a month before mum passed away and see how much happiness my dad, who is very ill, could still manage within him, with her around. Days ago, we still wailed as a result of her and i understand how huge his own wailing was.
Now, he also has diabetes, with one leg having a serious open-wound that wouldn't heal and the other leg close-to-amputation. Then, his BP was usually in the range of 200-250.
When he arrived, he couldn't walk well and he is a huge-charactered man who has kept his dreams. Plus, he was apprehensive of me, feeling endangered as i couldn't provide his wife and he felt, i would harm him, like i did my mum. It was all so tough, especially, when he arrived and laden with so much wailing and drowning for two big men.
Note: currently, at times, when he doesn't recall that he is in the Philippines, he copes without asking of my mum, with hopes that she is having some joy from being with her brothers and sister in the Philippines.
The Macrohard Hub never began but the expensive rent went on, many hospital bills and daily-maintenance-medicine bills etc. It easily became about expensive bills for me in recent times.

What Is Macrohard About?

@macrohard is a growing enterprise that will add SWAG into the world of coding, putting "everyone" into the coding ecosystem.
We want to create a world where "everyone" can code. We want to remove "all barriers to entry" from the world of coding, to where "everyone can suddenly code.
While we will have a steem-based interface (soon) to project our model, we will also have physical Macrohard hubs around the globe, to bring steem's beauty into the real world, starting with the Philippines.
We want 'everyone' to be able to code for the steem blockchain.

The Needs

Many times, the ever-missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to 'dream-building', especially in our era, is 'coding' (programing). However, there are barriers! 
"Not everyone can code". Not everyone can raise the a budget to avail of coders. Not everyone feels that the coding ecosystem is for everyone.
Now, while there are many coders in the world, not many coders can 'code with swag'. Yes, even today, the swag element is still missing from the world of coding.
While Bill Gates can code complex Microsoft, he may not succeed in pulling off simple 'Macrohard' in a jungle.
The open-source ecosystem and projects like @utopian-io etc have entered the picture to help matters but there are other needs in the world of coding, that still needs to be met to bring about absolute balance and Macrohard seeks to contribute to these needs.
Other needs....
  • The notion of "developing and developed nations" is recognized by the world in general. It affects the world of coding!
  • Not every coder/programmer is a pro/veteran
  • Not every coder has time
  • Not every project owner has large budgets.
  • Not every project owner, innovator, entrepreneur etc has coding knowledge.
  • Not every developer knows how to interact perfectly with project owners and vice versa.
  • Not every developer is confident about their skills or levels of expertise. 
  • Not every coder is effective in determining how much his service should cost.
  • Not of project owner is versed with what a development project should cost.
  • Not every project owner wants a company partnership with developers
  • Though partnerships between projects and developers can thrive on "strictly business" model, it still needs some form of social relationships. 
  • Some projects have large and sufficient budgets but can't find just the right developer (one with a similar mindset) befitting of their project.
  • Some projects lose large funds to developers who didn't deliver.
  • Some developers lose out on large funds by delivering services without getting paid.
  • Developers are humans and can wilt under pressure and can still fail to deliver, falter in relationships as a result, leading 'communication' to deteriorate and projects to stall.
  • Not every developer has time-on-hand.
  • Not every developer is versed with "every programming language".
  • Projects may not know how to distribute funds aright, in dealing with several developers
  • Small-budget-projects find it difficult to get developers or quality service.
  • Zero-budget-projects can die without starting.
  • Developers need inspiration.
  • Project owners who aren't coders may not know how to estimate the right budget of a project
  • Amateur developers or programming enthusiasts can't fully participate in the coding ecosystem
  • Programming enthusiasts can't hone their skills, by trying out project-tasks.
  • Not everyone can participate in the ecosystem as many feel that they know nothing about programming, whereas in reality everyone does
  • Project owners with limited coding knowledge experience failed and struggling relations with coders, leading to failed projects or slow project completion and loss of funds
  • etc 

@macrohard creates an enterprise that tries to fix all 'the needs'.

The solution was simple all along and @macrohard creates a simple model that suddenly involves "everyone" i.e an entire  ecosystem involving codes that "everyone" can participate in.
First, if  we remove the notion of "developing and developed", to where 'nations are merely locations', then we can manage to remove "all barriers to entry"; then, "everyone" enters the picture. 
And one way to accomplish the above is, creating Macrohard physical hubs across every location.
But there is more...

Below are the solutions and what our enterprise is built on:

  • Create a protocol that breaks programming into very tiny simpler pieces (micro-programming).
  • Enhance the model of micro-programming and eventually create a more general programming language library that applies this model; a programming language in which anyone regardless of level of expertise can code in. 
  • Propagate the Macrohard model of project-development to developers and projects owners i.e (a mode of project development that applies the use of hierarchical micro-programming, with simpler task-requests instead of complicated task-requests, to where 'the code for the next task, is built by a previous task, making a new task as simple as "checking and replicating already existing code".
  • Gather developers & non-developers globally, who can analyze projects and create the hierarchical logic behind their development, using Macrohard's micro-programming model.
  • Curate all available tools that our era now avails to us, by virtue of e.g open-source technology, blockchain technology etc, so that not every project owner has to start a project from scratch.
  • Open 'curation' of #programming-related niches to 'everyone' as opposed to just experts e.g using endeavors like #ulog-macrohard, #ulog-utopian, #ulog-witnesses etc
  • Fund projects owners and developers that apply our Macrohard programming model, in their development.
  • Create an oracle that can estimates budget-size (per micro-programming-task) e.g oracle should be also be able to create great estimates of what the 'time allotment' should be per micro-programming-task etc 
  • Setup @macrohard hubs globally that teaches "everyone" to code with swag, bringing a more simplified programming ecosystem before the masses.
  • Create hubs starting in nations that the world call "developing", to have people code with swag on steem. Read more here.
  • Remove "developing or developed countries" from the 'world of developing (programming)' .
  • Incentivize developers, projects owners etc to document their code-stories and code-errors e.g on #ulog-codestories etc. Then, serve the search engines with the resulting content..
  • Create a network of programming enthusiasts, programmers, entrepreneurs, project owners etc who would code on steem or for steem with swag.
  • Incubate projects in the Macrohard hubs, introducing coders and non-coders to etc, using, etc as case-studies.
  • We will dress up each coder with SWAG, regardless of levels of expertise or location etc and we will dress each coder for real in real-life with an entire fashion collection labelled "MACROHARD". 
  • Create funding for steem witnesses to support their servers
  • etc
Read More About Macrohard....
To kick-start the Macrohard project, it wise to begin with a physical location, right in my house, like was originally intended
In these hubs, we will begin to gather the nations to code for steem/on steem. We will create a network of programmers from all across the globe, to propagate Macrohard, while building our other projects e.g,, teardrops SMT etc with minimal cost as these projects will form case-studies, to further solidify the Macrohard model.
We will start out our network with youths, located in schools near my house, inviting students from various colleges who study computer science, I.T etc, to gather in our hub, in order to learn, study and hone their expertise, while earning some revenue as well.
Over time, we will begin to introduce our youths to the steem blockchain and to projects like @utopian-io, @steemtank etc, 
I will also invest in a video-making studio within the hub that can help us in general, to accrue more documentation of code-stories, code-errors etc, highlighting 'coding' to the world as a 'very human endeavor'.
In due time, we will begin to teach 'coding with swag' to a growing populace of non-coders in my location, perhaps, for a small fee, to raise revenue to maintain the hub and sustain my livelihood.
There is also the giant possibility of completing some of my projects e.g etc with minimal cost, reducing my overall monthly expenses, by diverting some of my project-development expenses towards catering to my dad etc
At the same time, we will be empowering humans globally and in the Philippines, teaching them about 'real life growth'.
This is where i really need your support. I need to raise some money to set-up a Macrohard hub in my house as well as some money for sustenance for a month or two, pending when i am able to complete projects ' and'
Both and have a solid revenue model and both projects can add value to the steem community and blockchain. 
I really love steem and it is becoming even more essential now, to keep my steem power, now and in the near future, especially in terms of bring more value to steem. I have a community of almost 5,500 people on the discord server and #ulog alone was used by more than 5,000 steemians within its first 4 months.
If i never powered down when steem reached 8 USD, it is not valuable to continue exhausting my steem power now. I did my first power down after more than 2 years of being on steem and this happened only recently, for sustenance, rent, servers, bounties for the development of my projects etc
Here is my most recent task request containing a bounty of 880 steem.
At this point, i am physically unable to work (secular job) and even if i was, i won't be able to leave my dad alone in the house, who can't see and who needs help 24/7.
Besides, since my mum's passing away and my dad's relocation here, my expenses per day have been extremely high compared to what it used to be and a job here can't pay even half of my monthly expenses.
My dad's maintenance medicine used to reach as high as 50 dollars, let alone other needs.
Now that steem is down and there is shortage of money in general, the only viable option is seeking your help to create solutions.
Powering down and spending steem is 'defeating' especially in my case. With the level of tension and stress i have had, it is very possible in these times, to tired out and quit altogether and powering down, on its own, triggers that.
Moreso, i have many friends on steem, who look up to me and my presence here and sometimes, powering down (in my case) can be misconstrued as "quitting on steem". (I love steem)
I really need a way of support, to be able to sustain my household for the next one or two months, while setting up an actual solution, starting with a Macrohard hub in my house, that can add value to steem and the world as a whole.
This way i can also complete and each, with its own revenue model and economy for me and steem as a whole.
Note: another short term option is to issue teardrops SMTs to raise funds but i don't fancy short-term options and i especially, don't want to build promises that aren't solid. (especially since the SMT protocol isn't ready and i haven't fully established the metrics guarding the teardrops tokens.)
I have been using steem bounties to build my steem-based projects. The model for each interface is ready, it is the building that is left!
These projects can have real world impact and further expand steem as a beautiful thing by world standards. I consider it better to spend steem (at this point) towards the realization of these projects at least, than power-down and exhaust it within a few months, ending in an inevitable fatal crash.
The main reason i am coming out to ask help from everyone is, this particular Terry is already so energy-less and function-less.
My health state is really critical and at this point, i am not able to function and do the things i once could easily do. 
With my projects entering full-blown life, my being can begin to find some rest and my body can begin to heal too.
In the hub, I can begin to have companions and people rendezvous to help me in carrying out some of my projects tasks under my supervision, and my being can begin to find some overall rest.
I really want to heal. My body is 60-years old. I still have a chance or so i pray. I want to live and i want to live with a full-brain, a functional body and a bright mind.
May Jehovah help this cause.
These are critical times and i really, really, really need your help everyone, steemians, uloggers and anyone out there who can read this post and understand it.
I will make do with any help! If we can raise some 2,500 USD, i will make effective use of it. In truth, my expenses for only one month ranges beyond 1,500 dollars.
Below, i will place all information.....

My Address Information

Bitcoin: 34qnjNrdw3jLMPBN9UWHEWN6zsrfZsC7Ra
Ethereum: 0xfd5c4f2fe8da3eda1025681f0f86570849249d63
My PayPal email: '' or 'you can click HERE to send me Paypal directly with a debit or credit card.
My Email: '' (In-case you need it for some remittance apps)
My bank account: Bank of the Philippines (BPI)/acct no: 9809131839/name: Terry Christian Ajayi/acct type: Savings

Incase you have a wallet in mind that is unlisted, kindly leave me a comment and i will try to get it. If you want to send me FIAT and you require extra information, kindly leave me a comment or contact me on discord by searching this username: @surpassinggoogle#1660
I thank you, even just for reading this post as this post represents me, my stories and histories, my ulogacies.
I thank you for supporting me overall.
In every case, my "thank you" is hefty.

Special Note

If you are a developer or anyone who passionately loves these projects e.g,, macrohard the teardrops SMT etc and would like to help build it and see that it comes to life, kindly send an email to
There is a lot to build.
If you are a potential advisor and one who can help with directions, suggestions and connections, please join in too by sending an email to

Kindly vote for the "steemgigs" witness. 

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum
If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful.

To vote my witness, simply visit and upvote "steemgigs" or simply click Here to do it on one click!
 If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy. 
If you would like to read the comments that accrued in my original write up, please click here:


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