How You Too Can Accrue 1.7 Millions YouTube Subscribers/Millions Of Followers Across The Internet, Like Cody Strong (AngryPic) YouTuber?

Please see the video above. It will help you grasp better this article that follows.

In the article below, i will be talking in the perspective of a "legit illiterate" and i will be touching on the following:
  • This Is Why Cody Strong (AngryPicnic) Of Youtube, Has So Many YouTube And Instagram Followers.
  • How He Can Make The Most Of His Social Media Reach?
  • How You Too Can Accrue Many YouTube Subscribers/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook Followers?
  • How To Continue Fascinating Your Fans On YouTube Or Instagram?
  • How To Stay Above Your Competition On YouTube?
  • How To Have YouTube Fans Who Really Love You?
  • How To Make The Most Of Your Fans/Followers Online As A Social Influencer?
  • How To Gather Real Fans On YouTube Or Instagram?
  • Why You May Want To Subscribe To Cody Strong (AngryPicnic) Of Youtube?
  • etc

Quick Stats: Cody Strong (AngryPicnic) Social Reach (Influence)

  • Find Cody Strong On Instagram (Has some 100k followers)
  • Find Cody Strong On Facebook (Has some 700k followers)
  • Find Cody Strong On YouTube (Has some 1.7 million subscribers)
  • Find Cody Strong On Twitter (Has some 13k followers)
  • Connect with Cody Strong On His Merchandise Store.
  • Find Cody Strong's personal YouTube vlogs (Has some 230k subscribers)
You can easily say that Cody Strong has close to 3 millions fans/followers across the internet.

Well, if you still haven't heard of Cody Strong, then perhaps, a good start is visiting with him. Again, that will help you understand this article better.

Visit with him here:

First, did you notice that i am way more boring than he is, within videos?

He has that amazing smile and those "fruity shirts" and well, he has some "sunlight" too and alas, i rarely see sunlight.

Now, there are other amazing facets that he has but i will be tackling the un-generic facets in this article and these are the particular facets, that stands him out and let's him glow and gives him his very "edge" and perhaps, the underlying core reason for "why he has accrued many YouTube and Instagram followers.

And no, it is not his singing voice or his talent in free-style parodies.

While the world may think that it is hard to "start now" (grow an internet audience) or hard to accrue so many followers/fans online, i very much doubt that it is. True, i haven't accrued that "many online followers" myself but i am very confident that if you understudy this entire post and pay attention to its context and undertone, you will find that "special ingredient" needed to grow your followers of "true fans" on any online interface, regardless of your level of talent, expertise or literacy.

Recall, that i am a "legit illiterate".

Centralization does exist throughout the mainstream internet and it is true that "location", IP address etc can form setbacks when it comes to attain relevance/organic growth via the search engines or in this case via the "YouTube content-suggestion AI algorithm" but i am very confident that even today, a "human" ingredient finds a way of holding sway in the midst of AI.

The internet in general, still seeks chemistry with fellow humans.

Note that i am "legit illiterate" and the things i see has "no books" involved and here is what i see:

Cody Strong has managed to maintain his "human".

Yes, he has that cute smile and a collection of fruity shirts but those are very generic stuff and i tell you, the appeal (from fans) for those things begin to fade over time. People want to connect. People want to feel a certain chemistry. Cody has managed to maintain a certain 'realness' to him and that is his "strong point".
Yes, that is exactly why he has accrued so many YouTube subscribers and so many fans and followers across the Internet.

This is not "easy traits" to keep pulling off. Yes, it suppose to be a "default" kind of trait but in the face of fame and accolades, the bulk of humans, tend to begin to "lose out on human'', entering outer-space. Now, these ones can still manage to accrue follower-ship as well but i am very certain that if Cody Strong handles his followers really well, he will find out that the very bulk of "his followers" are "brothers".
For instance, Cody Strong doesn't know me but i am certainly his brother. 
He has manage to appeal to my soft-spot, on and on and on, which is a hard thing to accomplish! Especially in my case, this is hard thing for anyone to accomplish because i have "seen things" and according to me, "when you have seen things, many things become ordinary; but Cody has slid into the DM of my person and i became his brother.

To that effect, i am using this means to inform him of the existence of "a brother", located in the Philippines and to inspire him. 
He hasn't ask for accolades. I am giving him accolades. 

Note, that i am an ill person (this may not show very much) and  to pop out every word here, i have had to breakdown.

Dear Cody Strong, when you come across this, know that you are doing something; "world-adjusting something". Don't stop!

Now, there are many more things that Cody Strong has helped me with unknown to him and this may be another reason for his internet success.

Recall that i am a legit illiteracy? Well, Cody Strong has helped me see. Unknown to him, as he reaches out to "humans" in his videos, in a bid to portray their shine, he has helped me "see"!
Now, seeing is different from looking and while many look, there are also many that seek to see.

Within his videos, i am able to see more things, that haven't been "recorded in books". As i pay attention to him, i see more of the "down-to-earth" stuff,.that "the books" haven't managed record.
I continue to document the things i see!

I am building an entire school called "Legit Illiteracy" and i currently am writing out the different courses that will make up the school and while binge-watching videos from Cody Strong's AngryPicnic, i am CCTVed further, into the underlying state of humanity.
A core aspect of the "Legit Illiteracy" curriculum, is an underlying understudy of "the human" in humans.
So, there you go: another "strong point" that Cody Strong has is; he uses his videos to redirect "value" to humans. This is very key to his internet success! While the world of the internet is beginning to incite more appeal for AI, human robots, pokemongo, cryptokitties, billionaire cats, batman, fiction, tech, space etc Cody Strong is using his enterprise to return "value" to humans.

While i am here to encourage and inspire Cody Strong using this simple article, this simple article is also to surpass Google, by returning "value" to humans.

I am known as "surpassinggoogle" across the internet. .

As simple-looking as this article is, it is also a means to reshape the internet, instead of recycle it; thus, the need to relay my insight in the perpective of a "legit illiterate" (a niche that is fresh on the entire internet). I am hoping that this article, gives a fresh perspective on popular topics, like "how to go viral on YouTube" or "how to grow your YouTube subscriber count organically" etc

This means that if you pay attention to the undertone and context of my article, you may gain some new-found/fresh insight into how you too  can "start now" and begin to attain "internet success".

While internet success may be measure in "how many subscribers/followers you have on YouTube/Instagram etc; it may also be measured in "how many brothers/friends/true fans you are able to gather from the internet".
As we have managed to pinpoint so far, many times, "light" inside the tunnel, can take the form of "brothers".

Cody Strong, don't change! Simply continue to evolve the substance of your human and continue to maintain "your human" in your videos and in your world in general. Know that this on its own, has "world-adjusting impact".
There are many in the tunnel and your own shine can take light, right inside these tunnels, so that those in these tunnels, no longer have to wait "till the end of the tunnel".
I am in a tunnel and due to you, i have had some light.
I see your evolution. It is evident even in your YouTube journey. You have managed to use even your comedy to learn and evolve as a person, giving more testimonial essence to "comedy".

I have seen you shifting from just comedy parodies, to Cody Strong Songs etc, in the space of a few years. There is evidence of your evolving journey and i believe that you can evolve further, till you attain the exact "vision" within your dream.
You have grown popular on YouTube yet, you have managed to cater to your fans with love, evolving of yourself to produce content incessantly. This is your strong point.
However, this is also an underlying effort (if you take note) to "mine the human" and tap into those un-generic tenets of human, that will spur you onto the ranks of "great".
So continue!

There is a ton of your videos that i can recall and various aspects of your videos to highlight (i have seen so many of them) and i wish i had the strength to highlight entirety of this beauty, within this article. One thing is sure though, your "human" element so key in your success.

You have that down-to-earth nature that the "true world" relishes. You manage to react to stimuli like a human would. You are real. You have kept on real.

Your videos are not-very-rehearsed either, like conventional media likes to do it and that is awesome.

In truth, people do still like "real". The world has made us fancy glamour etc for a long time now, to where "superman" and "cute kitties" garner more value than 'humans" but it is all adjusting now, the paradigms are shifting and you are winning thus.

General Suggestions For Cody Strong & The World Of The Internet.

  • Let's talk. I am your brother and i have a similar vi-mission. I am on
  • Make your subscribers and followers really count. (i.e "Carry them along" - e.g if YouTube/Instagram/Facebook servers go down or if they lose their database, will you still have each of your followers intact, to carry them along wherever you go? Note that most of these mainstream social media interfaces have "centralized servers" and aren't so censorship-resistant either. So, add additional focus onto things like growing an email-list, creating real-communities, storing databases, creating apps etc on platforms/servers that you control. For instance, on the decentralized steem blockchain, you can create your own app etc and bring your community of followers on it. The steem blockchain is immutable and censorship-free. Too, you don't need to be a developer/programmer as you can have someone build these things for you and ofcourse, i can help. Note that you can autonomously continue to grow your followers by rewarding them with steem tokens or create your own custom tokens e.g CodNic tokens etc)
  • Sign up on blockchain-based, decentralized video creation platform e.g (There you can store videos that YouTube takes down as well as all our existing videos and monetize it too. Besides, and the steem blockchain has its own network of daily-users, which you can derive extra organic clout from etc)
  • Bring your entire audience (followers) along with you, onto the steem blockchain, so that you can experience the "freedom" that blockchain offers together and move along together.
  • Join me, let's build together. is also build on the steem blockchain. Visit with me on

Cody Strong, I would love to connect with you. We share a vi-mission; a vi-mission that is related to "shining forth the beauty of humans".
Unknown to you, you are "surpassingGoogle" too!
I am surpassingGoogle too and i am especially doing so in larger measures by means of my project "" and the #ulog movement. While the world have to come to know and accept "blog" or "vlog", i simply want them to know and accept "ulog" too.

The "U" in ulog stands for "YOU" 

A ulog is a form of content modeled to fill the internet each day, with fresh pieces of human. A Ulog is a form of content that is freshly-created by "YOU" each day, solely based on the experiences, moments, feelings, knowledge etc from a particular day. A ulog doesn't resource from the internet. It seeks to gift to the internet instead, with fresh pieces constituting "human", each day. Thus, a ulog created today, should not have existed on the entire internet yesterday, for each day and "YOU" in it, carries its own freshness.
Someone who ulogs is called a ulogger. The art of creating ulogs is called ulogging. A daily-document legacy is called a ulogacy. is still in its Alpha version (Our vi-mission is: "True Celebrity-hood for everyone, once and for all). In the meantime though, we are propagating the #ulog movement by means of UloggersTV
It is one YouTube channel that seeks to showcase uloggers (true celebrities) from all across the globe and you (Cody Strong) being a "true celebrity", i implore you to accept my invitation when it arrives to feature on UloggersTV, in a simple fun, ulog-laden interview.

Quick Extras (About Cody Strong (angrypic) On YouTube

Here are some popular search queries that you can use on YouTube, to find him in his different character plays:

  • AngryPicnic pranks
  • Cody Strong Parodies
  • Cody Strong Serenade Girls
  • Cody Pranks
  • Cody Strong Songs
  • Cody Strong Vlogs
  • Cody Strong Shape of you
  • Cody Strong ASU
  • Cody Strong Santa Monica
  • Cody Strong Post Malone
  • Cody Strong Pickup Lines
  • Cody Strong Library
  • etc
Note that he also collaborates with upcoming YouTubers, looking to give them some clout, so that they can 'come up'; and other so-called successful YouTubers, should have a lot to learn from Cassady Campbell.

This Is Me Talking About

This Is Me Talking About The "vision within my dream".

This is:

Your Boy Terry

Find Me 

  • Email:
  • Facebook: terry.ajayi.1
  • Instagram: @uloggers
  • Discord: @surpassinggoogle#1660 
  • Whatsapp: +639210779436
I am located in the Philippines, i can help the furtherance of your vi-mission here.

You can support the furtherance of my cause:

To send me FIAT with debit/credit card click HERE
My PayPal email: ‘’

To see what my cause is about and why you may want to support it: 
kindly read the entirety of this post!


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