I Gave My Boss A Multi-Million Euro Gift Last Sunday!!! You Can Do The Same.

 I am Terry and Wadi is my current boss at the call centre where I work. At work, there are sessions called coaching. This is the session, that you have to undergo anytime you are down in your metrics!
In the past year, my boss Wadi has called me out for these sessions, many times but in my case, during most of these sessions; I end up being the coach instead. Life coach!

I like to inspire people. I like to impart. I like to tell people what I see, when I look at them! I like to be, 'people's mirror'. 

During the last coaching, my boss told me he was leaving the company.

He can now see better. His being wants more! Even though he is boss, he wants to explore, find himself, his true purpose. He wants to try change. He wants to try the things I tell him.
Life is way more than daily bread!

Basically, he want to leave the Philippines to go take up a job in Singapore and see how it goes from there. 

However, he also mentioned many times, that he is afraid to embark on this change!

Ps: I currently live in the Philippines!

Last Sunday, Wadi grew older. I don't celebrate birthdays or people on their birthdays. I celebrate humans, each day. 

Thus, last Sunday, I decided to give Wadi a multi-million dollar gift and this is it:

image source/credit to: 9gag

image source/credit to: 9gag

I say I will get Wadi a Ferrari. People laugh!
I laugh at people back!
People know nothing about life.
People know nothing about tomorrow.
People know nothing about human and what a human constitutes.

Perhaps, I know nothing about anything but I know this:
"I will get wadi a Ferrari."

Really? What is a Ferrari?
How much is your kidney. How much is one of your gene?
So hush!

He believes it!
Wadi believes it!
There are multitudes out there, who will see this and say "Terry Ray the baddest guy" and they'll say; "I believe you like crazy, Terry!".

The so-called tomorrow is just at the corner.
You were part of my story, Wadi, be ready to receive.
The process has begun.

People who know what I am saying, know what I am saying!
I have just re-said it!

About giving, it is my calling! I go out there, all hard, get it and give it out!
To that person out there, on the brink of saying goodbye, I will notice you and I will give!I will give, give, give, till you are told of the ultimate Jehovah, who gave!

He didn't waste it. He didn't waste it; "to make us in His image".
He didn't waste it; "to give us eyes that can see intricate complex colors and way beyond black-and-white.
He didn't waste it; "to give us spanless minds".
He didn't waste it; "to give us a brain, powerful than supercomputers.
He didn't waste it; "to give us consciences that prick us towards morality".
He didn't waste it, "to give us the capacity to love".
The least you can do, is explore yourself.

Who are you, beyond rice and hotdogs? Become the ultimate best version of yourself and you will already serve essence to humanity.

Who are you, if your so definable? Define and re-define yourself!
Who are you, if you are so predictable? You have exclusive genes, lay them bare. Let them show!
Ultimately, who are you, if you spend your decades and you never used your 5 senses to the full?

What is giving? Giving is easy!
Grow into a human and you will give gifts, convenient or not!

A human is a wonder, any day, anytime, everytime and should be given kudos; should be given gifts; should be celebrated; solely on the fact that he is human!
Jehovah's special creation (a human), is a celebrity everytime.

I celebrate the person, I know, I see, the person whose presence I feel.
Who is manny Pacquaio and co? Wadi is better everytime!

Who is Wadi?
Wadi is human; has let himself stay human and that is all that is expected of every human!
Jesus knew he was about to resurrect Lazarus, yet he gave way to tears. He felt pity. Human!

Wadi, you have been special! Forget my tone here!

You have taken my story up, my case study, ransacked it like a true man and have owned up in responsibility, to take my pain in and carry it.
Even my family here, hasn't done anything close!

You have believed in me, my potential, my greatness, you have celebrated me, you have loved me, you have flaunted me. 

You have checked me, out read between my lines. You have applied your humanity towards me.

You have bore consequences for my own erring and covered up for me, like a true champion!
You are the real deal. 

Amidst all other things; this, on its own, will take you places.

We will wine and dine on yachts and eat all that sea food you like and on the side, we will heartily render ourselves selflessly, to rest of humanity to fix them, to lead them to divinity.

We will inspire and give and give, that the atheist will start glorifying Jehovah, within their subconsciousness.

Ps. Jesus when he died, people cast lots on his garment. It was of astonishing quality!

There is a lot in stock, in that tomorrow and you have the to potential to have it.
The ups and downs, is what will lead you to greatness.
Greatness is not for us! It is for the ones we love, our legacy, our parents who bores us, our mamas who kept the tears from the labor pains we gave them, in tiny bottles, the rest of humanity who our there who silently, hopefully hope and pray, some unknown person out there finds his purpose, then lovingly self-sacrificingly bring them to a fixing!

Try change, Wadi!

At the very least, you will have grown as a human. Don't fret too much about it.

The university of life, is a rare school and few have fully attended it.

Rehearse CEOism even now, till you attain it!
It is there, inside you.
I hear it, when we talk, in the midst of the creative comedy, that you pop out obliviously. It is right there, in it!
In how you have taken the helm of leadership, without forgetting tomorrow and empathy, sympathy, and without losing the human side to you. It is all right there!

When my empire happens, you will be in it. We'll brainstorm cure for dementia or glaucoma.

Anonymous people have done sleepless night for us, so we do the same for others.

Go out there! Explore the world.
Find yourself in the world out there.
Determine who you truly are, your true purpose, then establish it within your cores, then dreams equals reality!

Dreams are more likelier to be equal to reality, when you dream. It is libre(libre means free in Tagalog) 

So dream big!

Again, I am sorry about my tone. 

But it is determined Wadi; "You are full grown man and you can take it on the chin!"

Continue being great!

You have many gifts. We all need mirrors. If you need to hear more. I am ready to be coached.

Your boy Terry, in my angry yet utmostly loving tone.

You will definitely hear from me immensely someday soon.

Cos I am not one to forget anyone, who was part of my story and stayed in it, against all odds!

Your boy Terry and this is my multi-million dollar gift to you! 

image source/credit to: 9gag


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