Legit Illiteracy: Is "Good Or Bad" Really AnyThing? Bigger Things Than M...

So this is another rough video but 'rough' is fine; 'you will get the gist'.

It is related to 'a school', an entire school called "Legit Illiteracy"; a school that i consider 'my gift to the world'. This school has existed in the nooks & crannies of 'down-to-earth' but has not been documented into secular curriculum(s) and thus hasn't been taught.

I will teach it!
You can gain some insight into 'Legit Illiteracy' below:

In my video, i was speaking in the mind's eye of a 'legit illiterate' and touching on the topic 'Good or bad'. 

Morals end up popping up in many conversations. People value how they are perceived and for their own sake as well, humans in general have an inclination to know whether an activity etc is 'good or bad' as part of decision-making(s)

Now "good or bad" does exist but are there bigger things than "good or bad"? Will decision-making be better if it explore 'other facets' besides just morals. Will fighting temptations, addictions etc be easier, if we had many other deterrents besides "good or bad"?

Well, i cover this and more in this fun video. Well, 'boring video' but one laced with rough, out-of-the-boxness, down-to-earthness, dirt, nonsense, legit illiteracy etc 
Perhaps there will exist times when i will be protocol-ed and all; but for now, i am just plain, rough and very illiterate. Don't be mistaken though, my 'illiterate' is the 'legit' one.

Not to prolong matters, i will now pause. Try 'boring' today. See my video till its end. 

I am pushing again!
Your boy Terry 


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