'Pinaymon Go' Is Set To Overtake Niatic's 'Pokemon Go', Starting in The Philippines!


Working all night is said to be a regular 8 hours job but for me it is certainly 24 hours as I am no longer very useful to myself during the remaining portion of the day. I get home all used up and stolen away from my very self.

 In bed, instead of sleep, my being wants to be me! In place of sleep, my brain goes into a state of brainstorming during which I am looking for ways out, ways out of modern day slavery, where you are paid to sit on a tiny chair, no bars but you can get up. Imprisoned as pawn in an anonymous person's dream. 

Overall though, I try to improvise! I am always full of ideas. This isn't a norm where I live. In the Philippines, I feel like the only one! 

I come up thus, with ideas that I can run virtually even if by means of a Facebook page. It is the only affordable thing! However, even with a free Facebook page available, you have to keep streamlining your ideas until you are at a stage where accomplishing one post or upload, is almost as easy as a button's click. Else, you find out that because of work, an entire month whims away without your accomplishing one post. 

During the phase where I am trying to establish what Facebook page concept will afford me the ability or luxury of coming up with posts freely without much brainstorming. I came up with this Facebook page, where overall I can post some pictures of me and a female character. I aimed at building on the Pokemon crave that trended in the Philippines and aimed to build up female characters in a concept I called 'Pinaymon Go', to use this to explain beauty to the Philippines in new ways away from the superficial notion that's trendy here, that equates beauty to a 'cute light complexioned (white) face.

 I was to build female characters out of female friends that I will take pictures with and give them aliases in ways to highlight other utmost female virtues that are constantly and readily overlooked here. My very first character I called 'tatalina'. Tatalino is a Tagalog word explaining someone who is smart, intelligent, brainy. A female thus, I called 'tatalina' with only strengths! Her strength ofcourse was her brain!
It all started well, till it started to breakdown.
Here in the philippines, almost anything can trigger erotic feelings in people! The title 'Pinay' that is easily used to denote a filipina or female filipino, already triggers something related to prostituting.

 Typing the word Pinay in Google will easily suggest adult websites!

I am saving this idea here as I am not quitting. Let me leave it here for the time being and for a relaxed mind and safety as Facebook could strike when they decide to.

Too, so that it keeps on in existence.
Visit Pinaymon Go on Facebook! Be kind as to like!

This post was originally published on my social media platform here: https://ulogs.org/@surpassinggoogle/pinaymon-go-is-set-to-overtake-niatic-s-pokemon-go-in-the-philippines


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