Say You Love Me: If You Can't Find A Stranger To Love; Love Me & Entertain Freedom When You Do!

I spoke to my Mama today! 'Tears & unfell tears' filled the spaces but we spoke all the same.
The woman loves me like crazy; believes in my like crazy!
As for "touching the world; fixing it to more tears-of-joy"; she spotted that in me, really early. It's a tough route and she knew it.
My dad took that route and he crumbled. We watched it, we watched it; but she knew "that route" to be my route as well and she relegated her feelings, to let me take it!
Today, when she said "Terry" again, she said them with fell tears!
Earlier today, i took a video call, that i was afraid to take. I didn't want to look at my mama's sore face and not be physically there to pat it. I love her like crazy!

This woman is special! She bore me but every time she says "Terry", it is obvious, that she lets other mamas have me too!
Fellas go love your mama. Read this to understand what i mean!

In the communities, as a young boy, it used to be "Terry", "Terry" everywhere and she noticed it.
Even as a kid, people spoke greatly of me! I had sharp shoes on; i did loving stuff; people saw something!

Well, people would called my mama "Mama Terry" too and my dad was "Baba Terry"; everywhere!

My pupsy was a beautiful man too! A huge man and there was something about him and you would feel it. These things have nothing to do with black-or-white; fine-or-ugly; be you black-or-white; fine-or-ugly, you would feel something when you around this man!
His simple handshake means everything!
He was also an intensely good man!
Even likely dislikers of good, knew this!
There used to be armed robbers when i was younger and they would always visit the large compound in which we lived in and they would raid 'house to house' and somehow they would always skip our house.
Prayers helped!
We always had a big hole in our rusted metal gate as well, yet, these robbers will spend hours, trying to wreck the metal gates or windows of the houses beside us, to break in!
They would carry an entire car engine (there is an old car engine always laying around in the compound and the robbers knew these details, for these robbers come from around the hood) and they'll keep hitting at these other metal gates and windows all night, to break in; when they could just crawl easily into our house. 
Next, day we would walk the streets and it will be "Baba Terry" everywhere, for he was a good man. Many people had "kept his change".
As he walked past places, disputes were getting settled. 
Hahaha, i used to be the proud Terry by his side. I was short and he was giant; now i am tall.
He never got to know of steemit, but he was whale by every standard.
Even when he got dead broke, "Baba Terry" were the words on the streets, still!

In Manila, Philippines, i am not with family, neither i have been around them for ages and there have been a ton of times, when i didn't have a dime!
Plus, people here would constantly think i have loads of money, but don't i have money? "Oh i do!"
Because, i would still tell you to keep the change!
And people will instantly say, "Terry, they are cheating you; they are exploiting you" and here is what i say in return;
These tiny good deeds can even save my life tomorrow!
And if someone is dead bent and wants to makes his entire ambition about exploiting me of 20 pesos, then perhaps i can afford that too, while i shoot for moon!
Yes, i have been object of many not-so-good things here but i stay staunch when it comes to loving still.
I am alive!

Love Me

You don't have to have nothing, to love like crazy. You simply need to be a hefty dreamer and love like crazy. Love is not just a feeling, it is strong like crazy!
Now, this route is dead hard!
You may need genes, specially cut out for this route; because the world is cruel! So not everyone has to go this exact route and but you can improvise!
We can improvise!
"Love the person, next to you!"
Yes, loving a stranger out there is testimonial, so go for it!
If you can't find a stranger to love, love me!
Entertain freedom when you love me!
Relegate reservations when you love me!

I got stronger today, so let's go!

Move we must! 
Below is my ringtone for today as i speak to "setbacks". Basically, i can't see "setbacks", so this is to imaginary "setbacks", if they exist:
Helm what u think you can.
But helm nothing pertaining to me.
Let your wits stay captive in your thoughts.
Keys untouched.
Cos' the Cragger of all goals.
Is captain of this ship.
No anchor, endless sail.
"Morever, morever, moreover"
Is the constancy with which
You should sleep to my attainments

This (my) goal is concave
Your liquid schemes will only slide over
The Maker of orangutans, I'm his pot
What have u made?
Your existence? Lighter than fragments in my thoughts.

Do Look me eye to eye
Say you are not envious of hearts
Hearts with peace.
Tell me your not a fan of my met-goals

Resist for once, this once.
A gymed face toward goodness; my goodness!
Prince of persia? I'm that un-circumventable cessa, Princessa!
Number 5 is far better than S
No thanks but a heaving plea
This goal, gravity is letting it float
This particular goal, every wind vane supports
So this time, bikini-up & go have a tan!
an endless tan!

Dear Steemian Family, power up, let's go, for move we must!
Your Boy Terry

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