See Just How Powerful A Simple-Looking Post (Content) Can Be! "Content Is Queen!"

When it comes to steemit, one major arsenal that we incessantly have to create awesomeness, is our "steemit posts" because it contains a piece of awesome us. Other things (steem power,  aren't as constant!

Till date, "words rule the world"! "Let the be light and there was light!"

More than anything our steemit posts, contains a piece of us! This is still our most powerful arsenal as steemians, because by means of it, we can reach nooks and crannies of Mama Earth and i mean, even "by means of it alone"! 

Even money can't accomplish this much awesomeness because it is not free!

On the outside (where our steemit posts also exist) and in the search engines, steem power matters less and perhaps, whale or minnow matters less there too. 

To non-steemian readers, a steemit post is a steemit post; whale or minnow! 

They simply find your steemit posts organically even in the search engines, as they look to learn or find solutions to challenges or answers to unanswered questions, thus, their measure of your substance is mostly in how much you impact them.

Your steemit post is can thus, be a valuable asset even to an large audience of non-steemians on the outside or to the world at large. 

By means of steemit, we have something for free, that the entire world of the internet-space seeks. 

The world of netizens (Joe/business owner/Apple or Facebook) long to dominate the search engines. 

There is obviously no doubt, that our steemit posts appear in the search engines and there is no doubt that is starting to hold its own, even by world (internet) standards as a viable source of relevance (information).

Alexa is starting to rank as top 2000 websites world-wide and this is happening in a span of less than 2 years!

I have been on the internet for a long time, even as a boy, endlessly seeking newer ways to stay out-of-the-box and to accomplish this, i had turned to the internet!

In one way (as a young boy), it had felt like this web space is an avenue to the rest-of-the-world or i had expected it to be so, until you find out very quickly that it is not or it has not been. 

Till steemit came into the picture to adjust matters! (The whole beauty of blockchain is to bring about positive disruption to the old-school stuff that the world very much tends to pose). 

Down to the web spaces, this influence of monopoly exists, which i didn't expect to be the case, upon starting out on the internet as a boy.

"I knew i was tied a bit, by my location". 

I had established that really early! 

I would develop innovation ideas as boy, against all odds and even norms and silently go on to the internet where nobody really knows me, with hopes that i could reach out to the world by this means and with hopes that location would become negligible as an odd.

Ofcourse, when it comes to innovation, i would dream limitlessly and to be limitless, i would be unrealistic and crazy. Hahaha, so even if my idea was of a video game that would be playable in Mars; i knew no bounds!

I used to go to canteens to eat (with the boys) and everytime, i spotted a round table with surrounding chairs, i would look at my boys and smile inside me and say in mind; this is all we need, to make dreams (innovation ideas) equals reality. 

I always knew that team of like-minded reputable great minds was key; i mean, give me such team and i will rally them and we would go move and displace Mount Kilimanjaro by 20 km, at 20 miles per hour! Hahaha.

But that was only part of what was needed; for i actually needed a team of un-tied likeminds!
When you are tied, except your genes and you are stubborn (too-lazy-to-quit), you almost are half-human!
Don't doubt me! Hahaha

Yes, location tied us and even when we created illusions of (we) being outside-the-box, we kept on so inside-the-box.

Note: Not like, we can't have made it in these locations (we are a stubborn too-lazy-to-quit breed), but what may have requires years, may have taken ages! We had a very un-enabling environment!

As the internet starting to become a thing, hope re-started to flourish. "The worldwide web" was it; our breakthrough! (A likely enabling environment or close!) We would be able to make "dreams equaller to reality". There is now a chance, that while the world says, you can't tour it because you are very much half-human, we can tour it from the nooks and crannies of our rooms, attain an enabling environment, where information abounds; rub minds with the rest of the globe or the like-minds in it and rehearse our innovation into fruition! 

But the internet very quickly started to become boring! Why?

Because location was also very much a factor on this so-called worldwide web!
Wasn't it suppose to be an inanimate thing afterall, without much preferences when it comes to status, location etc?

We expected it to pose positive disruption (adjustment) but it was a recyclement and replay of the same standards that hold sway in the world, where your location can very very much define you

By location, "i mean; "where you reside!" (Your IP address!). I rarely talk race because to me, there is only the "human race", with nations being locations!

I wanted to solve this!

As a young boy and especially, one who uses the internet with a slightly different expectation from it, due to my reasons for turning to it, i quickly saw alot that could make the INTERNET, truly "INTERNET"!

Well, it maybe it started out fine but over time, the state of the world started to shape it up.

A ton of netizens in the world alike, even obliviously, are trying to adjust the INTERNET, to accomplish this same thing; "Surpassing Google".

Hahaha, when you look at the internet closely, it isn't very un-obvious, that Google can rule and you can easily say Facebook too! 

Now, this is not a bad thing. I am not one to eat myself up about other people's success, for i admire it but nothing stops me from doing my own innovation as well.

We still hold knowledge here (in the world of the illiterates), that the world doesn't yet know and this sole knowledge is the solution to many of the issues the world faces. The elites however, may not know that we have this sole knowledge because the illusion that the world creates, is that the elites are worlds above us

So as a boy, i did start to want to educate the world of the things, that an illiterate knows, that they don't know! (Not as an activist, as a problem solver and innovator and lover and as a voice)

"The only free arsenal i could start with a young boy thus, was my young voice in the form of my words". 

So i looked into writing out stuff and i would try out blogspot and free wordpress and i would write and write and check my analytics, with hopes and it was always nothing to write home about!Hahaha, then i went into domain names and hosting with my small money as i continued seeking to have a voice, then i got very weak service and lost all my blogposts because i didn't pay for backup and when i the year ended, i didn't want to renew my hosting because of their slow service. This odds can crush a motivated boy's spirits!

Hahaha, then i would try and try and research new ways to try (all the make my voice reach the other nooks and crannies of Earth, where i felt that i also had potential audience, because i never thought my audience was limited to my location) 
same as i now never think that the audience for my now steemit posts, is limited to steemit!
Note: a part of this research for ways to beat location-limitations on the worldwide-web, was how i found steemit!

I did think location was a factor, in how the webspaces measure relevance (when i had started out on the internet even as a young boy)

So when i join steemit even as a minnow, it didn't matter whether i earned or not because i wanted to be heard and i knew steemit, with its decentralized servers helps matters! 

I tell you, even on Facebook, you may not get heard if your are in the Philippines and your audience is in USA; not even on Facebook itself! Worse, when you try to reach out to a potential like-mind on Facebook and you try adding someone from USA as friend; for Facebook can decide to suspend your account. 

The first time, i tried to reach out to Mark Zuckerberg in a DM, about an idea that may enhance Facebook, was the first time my Facebook account got deleted and this particular account was not restoreable (according to them and for no discloseable reason). The second time my Facebook account was suspended, i was so devastated that they heard my lamentation and restored my account but they had deleted two of my innovation idea pages "that i considered dreams". Then in my mind, i went (without knowing of decentralization and blockchain):

Just when you decide to dare to dream again and Mark throws a Berg at you and Zucks you right out of it!

Hahaha, i had learned how to spell the name "Zuckerberg" in the whole process of languishing in internet's centralization. Hahaha, i used to spell it "Zukerberg"!

Not saying that "internet's centralization is bad", but gosh, the world of the developing countries have an additional very-uniquely-special need for internet's decentralization, moreso, with regards to having a voice at least!

If these worlds don't have sustenance/much-hope/shine, don't take away their vocal chords too!

My target audience was never in my location. 

I wanted to reach the world out there, basically! 

But google, kept telling me, "you are in Jamaica, so why should we serve, your content to Australia?" Which is logical but according to me (at the time); this is what would ring in my young mind:

Google smarten up before i take over! 

Hahaha, so what if i was a Russian and i went to spend 3 months residing in Bangladesh?

Then, i would say in my mind; "ofcourse, human intel beats artificial intelligence everytime, else, type the word "money" in google and it should at least show the address to the nearest ATM among its relevant results"! Hahaha.

Over time, on the internet, i started to establish that a huge mass of internet users, enterprises, businesses etc wanted this same sole thing; "google ranking" or search-engine-domination so to speak! 

Yes, the spent millions of dollars on ADs/email lists etc but they never were satisfied because, those who opened their eyes could easily see, that the world's attention is keener on subjects that they have found organically!

Hahaha, then i started to play with the google search engines at the time, (like an illiterate "no books involved") and i would play with the search engines with different search phrases and experiment ways to rank, then i noticed that google owns Youtube too, thus, had a tendency to offer Youtube videos as well in search results as of more relevance than vimeo or daily motion videos and i started to look for ways, to make every post i make appear on the first page of google, every time!

At the time too, i saw a product on clickbank by a young man (related to Google ranking domination), who was said to make his first 40 million USD(S) selling this digital product. Hahaha, i thought it was a software (something that tweaks the algorithm etc) all along and at the time, it was selling for 40 dollars each and i was one broke boy. So i signed up for email updates, where they marketed me for months, till there came up a chance to get the digital product for 1 dollar, upon which i found it out to contain only a bunch of PDFs and videos, that taught you how to use the google keyword tool, to find pertinent keywords for posts titles and post-bodies. 

Then, it got more established to me: if a million people bought his product for 40 dollars each and i bought this product (a bunch of PDFs and Youtube videos) when it became 1 dollar, then aren't the masses of netizens, intrigued by this sole subject? 

They so are!

Let me pause on history!

Your Steemit Post is so so so powerful

Did you know that companies like insurance companies etc pay as high as 50 dollars per click for ADs, simply to be displayed as ADs on the first page of google? 
This equates to millions of dollars annually or so, to accomplish a feat, that several of us have accomplished even obliviously for free, by means of our steemit posts.

I told you i did blogspot and everything for years and my analytics was terrible, even with all my experiments. I have tried writing on Medium too and my analytics was so discouraging on Medium alone, let alone google rankings. Hahaha, i have written on buzzfeed too. I have written on many applications too, one after the other over the years and not only writing; experimenting!

Hahaha, there is a ton of SEO experts too or many who say, they are perfect with SEO and stuff but i am telling you, they can't tell me that they will do better, SEO-wise, with a brand new Wordpress+Domain+Hosting etc than they would do, if they applied the just the same/less expertise on a simple steemit post.

I do a lot of research really and in the past months, i know how many google search results of mine have produced steemit posts on a variety of search queries. I have seen several of my posts ranking too and i found steemit organically, while researching on the search engines (Google).  

Steemit brought about real disruption. Infact, one of the most potent genius of steemit/steem is the blogging/SEO aspect of it! 

Serve the search engines and perhaps, we can reshape it.

Even when it comes to steemit growth, i see this as steemit's genius! Kudos to @ned @andrarchy etc for this.

They stubborn stuck to the unconventional, harder yet more solid/fresh/etc testimonial route because when the vision is within dream and staunch, deeply-rooted and spanless, why haste!

Yes, ADs will work in promoting steemit and it can be fast too but that's old-school stuff. 

The whole beautiful essence of blockchain is positive disruption, by means of innovation, not competition and unnecessary strife. "The new school!"

Imagine a steemit post on the first page of google/bing/yahoo/etc for every search query ever done; what heights do you think steemit will accomplish in terms of growth/positive-disruption/awesomeness/newness/etc at those heights, when steemit is filled with the substance of reputable great minds!

We would have reshaped the internet! We would have surpassed Google! We would have contained the numbers!

Now if this is even slightly even the case; if there is a 1 percent chance that we can accomplish this by means of our each and every simple steemit post, won't we maximize 99 percent of every post, to appeal to the masses of audience that we also have in the search engines.

When it comes to breakthrough (as a whole) by means of the internet, it has never been totally about outright earning. It has mostly been about the potential or possibility of earning and perhaps, the potential of touching lives and the potential of telling the world and generations yet unborn: "i was here!".

As for the potential for breakthrough, if you have lived in the developing countries, you will have fuller grasp on how i means this things. Normally, i would tell the boys around me, "let it out there, for the world of the internet!" You just have to let a piece of awesome YOU out there since it is free, even if simply for the sake the evergreenly potential breakthrough. 

Yes, you true helper may not yet be a steemian. The brother whale you seek only here on steemit, may not be a steemian yet and may be out there in the world of non-steemian, looking for you actively in the search engines. So why not maximize to the full, the power of your simple steemit posts and enhance its potential by a large measure, giving all potentials in one go e.g increase your likelihood of trending on steemit, increase the likelihood of touching someone's live on steemit and off-steemit, increase the likelihood of getting opportunities on steemit and off-steemit, promoting steemit off-steemit and on steemit, etc

This breakthrough you so heartily seek, can come from some piece of awesome YOU, we have left out there even a decade ago, for its the INTERNET and now, with steemit and its decentralized, uneraseable/permanent nature, even moreso, now than ever before.

Someone can seek you out. The whale you seek, can be out there in the search engines. 

The internet hosts the globe and now more than ever before, by means of steemit, you can reach it for free. Make "free" count maximumly or at least try! No loss; no loss!

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For humans and steemians, i am all in, for you all

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