SupassingGoogle Papers: How To Bring Any Dream To Reality. Newly Invented Methods By A Legit Illiterate

"Dreams are equaller to reality" now, than has ever been the case. This is one pertinent thing that needs to be establish in the journey towards "turning a noble dream into reality".
We now have more handy tools now. 
Besides, there is the existence of a 'legit illiterate' now, in the person of me, to reveal rare Intel not covered by 'the books'.

In this article, i will be building further on the content of the video above. So, kindly watch the entirety of the video first as it will help you understand the remainder of this article better.

At this point, i will digress just a bit from the topic and go on to say that the internet hasn't been very 'dynamic', until date. For long, the internet has simply kept on being recycled. In most cases, writers have come across the internet and have had to reference what already exists on it, to write their articles. This is great!
However, the internet has maintained/sustained its existing knowledge, which has been passed on from year to year.

To this effect, i am attempting to surpass google, to bring about some 'balance', re-shaping the entire internet with new-found Intel on different topics (in the knowledge of a legit illiterate). This means that by large measures, while tackling the topic at hand, i will be relying mostly on my own imagination, in conjunction with my experiences; all impromptu, 'no books involved'. This way the internet can have some fresh insight on already existing topics and the world as whole can tap into new wells of knowledge and draw new-found inspiration from this knowledge.

All the above said, you will better understand the context and undertone of my earlier video. In the video, i spoke with confidence of how much easier it is now, to "build a dream" and turn it into a reality. 
Yes, Dreams are equaller to reality now" but you see, 'the dream' needs to be built. (We explain this better within this article)

So, are are dreams equaller to reality now? Well, we have more tools now and especially now. than has ever been the case, we are in an era that is advancing drastically.
Looking at technology for instance, we now have blockchain technology, which is an especially beautiful tool, if used by humanity towards 'dream-building'.

When it comes to building a dream however, it is not just about the tools or the existence of these tools. Many times, success (in this context) has much to do with 'how much we can see' and in the case of a tech, how much of the tech we can put to use. (We now have a special tech in the form of blockchain but how much of its beauty we can see, will the determine the cap of its beauty).

Seeing is different from looking.

My role here is to help us see more things! Regardless of how literate we are, the world is shifting now. It is shifting away from outer-space and returning back 'down-to-earth'. There is much Intel that 'the books' don't contain and this is becoming ever-more obvious with advancement in technology. "An irony", you would say, but that is the case.

Even with technology and in this case-study 'blockchain technology', would you believe it when i say that "even the creators of blockchain haven't come to see yet, the full extent of blockchain's beauty" and i tell you this: "the real irony is, legit illiterates may be able to see these things better".

Here is a quick analogy: (Using the steem blockchain as a quick case-study and steemit, which is a blogging-type social interface built on the steem blockchain as an example).

Many times we get too invested into just the blogging aspect of steem, that we never get to see the full extent of steem's beauty. 

Steem constitutes 'blockchain technology' and blockchain technology in general can have really vast beauty, depending on how much of it we explore or put to use.
If we apply blockchain technology also towards dream-building, blockchain technology will excel and enter the ranks of "great", else blockchain itself will fade or stay ordinary. 

Speaking of the blogging aspect of steem though, each post can stay ordinary or can enter the ranks of "great", if we apply each post towards more testimonial essence in 'building a noble dream'. When we can all build a noble dream and turn it into reality, Mama Earth will find more of its beauty.

In applying steem towards building our dreams, we will need to explore steem though. We will need to know what we have here and exhaust these resources. So, how much do we know about steem?

Hahaha, i am digressing again. I am sorry! 

What i was building on all along is, there are more tools at our disposal now, when it comes to 'turning a dream into reality' and yes, 'dreams are equaller to reality' but just that these tools exist, isn't sufficient.

In this conversation, i will be practical and focus on bringing these very tools before you. Beyond that though, i will attempt to help us 'see more things', when we look at these tools.

In this case, one such tool is blockchain technology and over the course of the post, i will be talking about the steem blockchain.

If you didn't know, the steem blockchain is considered a blockchain of opportunities. This is because it 'removes all barriers to entry', inviting everyone to 'build a dream'. Many projects have been developed so far on the steem blockchain, even though, the steem blockchain is barely 3 years old. There are currently more than 400 apps built around the steem protocol and you can build your own app on it too. You can find a growing list of these apps on

Whether you are already a steem account holder or not, you can start out this journey of dream-building by visiting the aforementioned website to explore the dreams that are already building on steem, by means of websites/applications.
You may not know how much inspiration and new-found desire you may generate just by exploring what has been built already, in the form of a steem-based applications and what hasn't.
Besides, you will quickly understand your own steem journey better, knowing that there are other alternatives to blogging on steem etc

See @mvd relate her related-experience in this video.

In my case, i am building a dream on (that explores other sides to steem besides blogging) which you can visit. is still in its test-phase but it will give you broader instant-insight into steem's beauty and enhance your own steem journey quickly.

But let's go back to blogging or vlogging (popular content-creation styles) and you will easily remember,,, etc but then, have you heard of ulogging, a product of steem's beauty and an innovation under works by virtue of the steem-based interface on

If you aren't a blogger, you can ulog.

A ulog is a form of content (of any format/covering any niche), created freshly by U (You) each day (drawn solely from the events, moments, scenery, thoughts etc within a particular day), without resourcing from the internet.

This form of content is for everyone, where the only requirement is, "YOU" in each day.

Now note that, when you create content on either of these platforms ( for blogging or for ulogging), you are creating your content on a public ledger, amidst a community of reputable great minds. How so?

Well, the steem blockchain is considered an immutable public ledger and it has a community of users, who are incentivized to 'stay reputable', due to the transparent nature of the steem blockchain.

This instantly adds a powerful dimension to the content you create on either or

What have i been building on, all along? Well, we are simply building on the fact that, we now have more tools to our disposal to apply towards the art of dream-building. However, these tools are quite ordinary except we put these tools to testimonial essence in building dreams. Yes, while these tools are dynamically modeled to 'remove all barriers to entry' from dream-building, especially courtesy of its community of reputable great minds, we may need to apply ourselves to 'seeing' i.e un-blind ourselves to how limited the steem blockchain appears and apply yourself primarily, to seeking out what tools we have, discovering the full-extent of the beauty of these tools and applying this tools consciously to use, towards building dreams..
Now that we have established this, let's move on.
Recall, what i mentioned at the onset of this post? That after you have established that 'turning any noble dream into reality' is now very possible and especially possible now (by virtue of tools e.g blockchain); the next solid step to take, that will drastically improve your chances of breakthrough, is to 'build your dream into levels of spanlessness'. (I mentioned earlier that 'a dream isn't entirely a dream if it is not spanless'.) 
This is a pertinent phase that many by-pass but it is a very essential phase in the journey of turning a dream into reality, according to the perspective of a 'legit illiterate' (in this case "me").

Many times, that dream that you currently consider your dream, many not be your dream. You will only truly find out what the case is, when you evolve your human/evolve your existing dream into levels of span-lessness.

Yes, you will need to play out your dream, evolving it into levels of spanlessness. En-route doing this, you will need to keep your dreams alive in dream-bits, using simple-looking posts. (blogs, vlogs, ulogs)
There is the process of rehearsing once dream into fruition. 

Do you see how i am connecting the dots? Never down-play the power of a post. While a post can be an ordinary blog or vlog, you can make it "powerful", when you use it also as tool to "build a noble dream".
That is where a 'ulog' is more powerful than a blog or vlog. (A ulog is dynamic, incentivizing you to mine your human, dream, legacies etc each day)
You see, you need to become an apprentice in the sandbox of your own dream. You need to evolve in your own substance as you evolve your dream. Then, your dreams will begin to enter levels of spanlessless, 'a legitimate dream'.

You need to figure out the 'vision' within your dream and attain the one-liner that represents your very dream.  
Another irony........
Hahaha, as you attempt to evolve your dreams into "levels of spanlessness", the spanless drafts and jargon that once represented your dream, will begin to find span and turn into a well-defined one-liner.

e.g in the case of one of my projects called "", while i have written so many drafts over the course of time, defining and redefining its model and brainstorming series of ways to turn this (once hard-to-achieve) noble dream into a reality; 'turning this noble dream into a reality' is now as laser-focused and defined as this simple one-liner:
Let the world know about "ulog" as they have come to know of "blog" and "vlog".
Now with the one-liner above, can you see just how clearer the path to success now is? Do you see how much easier it all is now, to bring project 'ulog' into full-blown life? (Kindly see the video above if you haven't. It will help you grasp the context of what i am saying.)

Let's proceed!

So, how do you begin to evolve your dream into levels of spanlessness to attain the 'solid one-liner' that represents your dream, using the tools that we now readily have?
Well, that is fun and easy! Simply sign up for a steem account on, if you haven't. Once you get a steem account, start creating content daily, in relation to your dreams.

I will make this easier! Where you are stuck, feel free to contact me on "".

Note that sign-up can take one or two weeks. If you are on fire right now and really want to have your steem account ASAP, feel free to contact me as well.

Again, 'you will start the journey of 'turning your dream into a reality' as simply as creating posts i.e blogging or ulogging or vlogging on the steem blockchain but it is not just about creating posts in this case as you will have to be consciously encoding your dreams or innovation ideas, right into each post.

This is a very powerful use-case for "simple-looking posts".

I recommend ulogging for a start as it is a daily affair and every(any)one can ulog. So visit (per day) and as reiterated within this article, look to explore it first. Then, begin ulogging daily.
While you ulog, you are allowed to become your own apprentice. You allowed to have 'you' as your first audience. There are no barriers to entry.
Moreso, a ulog is modeled to 'mine the human'. When you have to create content each day, without resourcing from the internet (in a bid to gift to the internet), you are 'mining the human'.
Now, this doesn't mean that you can't blog or vlog. It simply gives you an extra excuse to create content daily, where you can blog or vlog.
Where you can't do a full-blown ulog at the end of the day, simple create ulogs under a ulog-subtag. Read more about ulog-subtags and ulog-communities: And "Communities".

You can create a fresh ulog-subtag or contribute your ulogs under existing ulog-subtags. Again, there are many ulog-subtags e.g #ulog-memes, #ulog-diy, #ulog-quotes, #ulog-snookmademedoit, #ulog-utopian etc
As you make ulogging a daily affair, you will begin to shine as you will begin to tap into your superstar. You will begin to take ownership of your cookies, attaining true celebrity-hood in the process. As you evolve in your substance, your dreams begin to follow suite.
You may wake up forgotten dreams too.
At this point, begin to apply the use of your ulogs towards 'building your dream into levels of spanless'. This can be as simple as starting a #ulog-subtag in relation to your dreams.

e.g see this video below:

Did you spot where @hlezama mentioned that in relation to his dream, he would love to create the ulog-subtag, '#ulog-ideals'?

When you have created your ulog-subtag e.g #ulog-ideals, refresh the tag every day, with your ulogs.

Consider being your own audience for a start and just encode your drafts (e.g drafts that constitute your dreams, ideas, innovation ideas, ideals etc) into your ulogs, just for you. This way, when you begin to get feedback from an audience, it will be unadulterated.
Those who did go through your drafts to seek the 'you' in it, out and get to you, are the exact like-minds for you.
When you find these ones, implore them to post ulogs too under the ulog-subtag that sandboxes your dreams. They will!
The numbers of uloggers contributing ulogs to your dream-based ulog-subtag will grow. The number of posts will grow. A ulog-community will begin to form. Then, we ( will come in to help your further.
Read this post for insight on our plans for you and your dreams

As you model your dream and define and re-define it based on un-adulterated feedback from a community of reputable great minds, true celebrities and brothers and begin to have a flourishing ulog-community, it may become time to take 'turning your dream into a reality' to another level, by means of a steem-based interface/website.

Now, if you dont know how to proceed at this stage but you have small budget etc, go on to explore https://steemgigscom and exhaust what it has to offer you in terms of tools.... Don't worry, it will be ready for your dream, when you are ready! will actively connect your to dream-builders and don't worry, unlike mainstream freelancing marketplaces, on, there are free gigs.

Worse case scenario, there is Macrohard. It will help you code your dream into fruition and connect you further with brothers, who simply want to be part of historical history, by playing a role in a brother's noble dream.
Then, there is, where you have decided to make your dream-project open-source, actively wanting to help have access to programmers/developers even for free.
I tell you, than has ever been the case, there are tools now.

To solidify, your dream, you may need money but i tell you, money are the smaller things. All along as you have kept 'mining the human' through the art of ulogging etc, taking ownership of your cookies, money itself will begin to seek you out. (No worries, there are testimonies! Google, Facebook etc have loved and processed the very (your) cookies that you emanate while using the internet and over the years and it has translated into money for them.

Ulogging helps you re-take/take ownership of your cookies and i tell you, in the midst of special 'YOU', money is the smaller things.You are special.

Via ulogging, you create a community of actual brothers. Where "human" is involved, bulls or bears begin to have no consequence, for 'brothers' will gather the nations to help your dreams come true.
But alas, you also have and 'your boy terry', solidly behind you, whether bulls or bears, where you are the celebrity and we are your ultimate true fans.

Where you are stuck, i am a legit illiterate, un(dis)talented and i am on '

Your Boy Terry


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