This is 'RAW CHAT CONVERSATION' i had with a WOMAN. I titled it: 'IT IS HIGH-TIME'. Suffering Must Have Essence.


Ajayi, Terry C
You know at my station today, i have cried like 5 times already and prayed with each tear.

Dairo, Kristin Joy G
don't cry bestfriend, God is great,, He just wants you to be strong in every trial that you are in now.
Face every obstacle with a SMILE!

Ajayi, Terry C
KJ it isn't about me, i don't care about me that much. if i was the only one in this world, i don't know if i will want to stay anymore. it is more about my family, my sisters, my mum, my dad, they believed in me too much, love me to much, i want to fix them, give them tears of joy. that is why i cant go back, i cant see them till i have news for them, till i can fix them. my being can't rest cos of these people! If you experienced their love, you will feel exactly same and for a man it is worse, when you are just helplessly and especially when you have come to knowing how much ability and gifts you have.
 i will fix things tho. the end of this year, i have to sit down and break every thing down and take the next step. worse thing is, i am not God Jehovah but apart from my family, i want to fix as much as humanity as i can, i want to be a testimony, a told story on the lips of many in humanity, i want to poke the world from its outside with hearty amazing happy vibes. i want my laughter to come from making others happy.
 i will accomplish all these things KJ and it will be seen. bottom-line is, i have to quit talking and take real action. i have to stop burning my butt on a chair and go out there where i belong to bring things to fruition, for generations yet unborn.
 i am sorry that i have to say this much but i haven't really been able to really really talk in close to four years of being here. i carry all these load on my head and it is too heavy. i miss a team. i need to talk sometimes, so i don't explode. this terry u see, is like bill gates. if i one day enlist all the ideas i have accrued over the years, you will start calling me 'bill gates' or amber rose or something and you would ask, "why are there seating on that chair, why aren't you yet in a jet or something, why aren't you out there fixing humanity".
 i have a jet and skyscrapers already but they are still in my head, i need to go out there and get them. i will post this that i wrote to you in a blog post. thank you for listening!
i spent to two acws (ACW is acronym for 'after call work') to write you this cos you have been there for me without your knowing it and if i lose a job for this, it shud be testimony to you that you have been of more value to me than a job
now it is lunch, lemme go!

Dairo, Kristin Joy G
terry best, in time you will reach you need to be focused on everything, you need your support system for this, i know the struggle terry because i have my own struggle like your yours.

time is the key for everything if not now someday yyou will reach everything.. I cant express my thoughts because im not good in using this language but i know how you feel

Ajayi, Terry C
thank you lot. your hug did a lot already. i felt the human in you. there will be good news later this year, i just have to make it hightime and take action. yes we have some time on our side kj, me and you; but parents tho, they really don't have that much time. i am already haunted by the thought of losing my parents. i saw my mum in a video today and she is aging, crumbling before my sight and i can't stop it or hasten it.
thus, now is the time. end of this year i will enforce things by making things happen, taking action. it is already established that i don't have a support system here. i just have people calling my name but when it comes down to it, i am basically alone here. i do have a few people tho, you inclusive and this i will always remember. glad you do understand some of these things that i say. we'll have good news in the near months to come and not years to come, months! it is high-time!


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