Who Are You? This Is The Most Important Human Question.

What do you see, when you see You?

Okay, what do i see?

Here is something i usually say, something i made up;

"If i had 20k followers, i will rally them and we'll go and push and displace Mount Everest by 20km at 20mile/hour."

Basically, humans are powerful and especially when humans decide to lovingly combine, for a cause. We do need each other, as on our own, when it comes to survival, even a lizard will outwit us!

Who wants to be in a constant state of survival anyway? We are humans! Our ability to make choices, should come into play! "We were made in God's image"; that's an entirely weighty sentence! Yes, He intended a lot for us!

"Adam named all the animals!"

To accomplish the above feat, Adam must have wondered, pondered, maintained curiosity, asked questions, delved into some depths, loved, exerted his brain. 

He must have consciously engaged in the art of getting to know and understand who he is and he must have come to realize and establish his possible purpose! 

And his purpose? "was something definitely more, than daily bread or that fallen apple". 

NB: Adam, the first man, lived at a time where the only fun thing to do, must have been to eat! Basically, he may as well, have spent all his days, breaking nuts and tapping at dangling strawberries, till they fall in his mouth, however, he tapped into himself with love and bought out time, for naming each animal.

"You must learn to love yourself to become entirely capable of really love another"

There are many untapped emotions, powerful feelings, out-of-body experiences and tapping into these, is a conscious art.

Nimrod: (Tower of Babel)

He isn't very popular! Okay, let's say he wasn't exactly a good man, however, he did something! 

At a time, when no real infrastructure or technology existed, he had sought to building a tower, that will reach the heavens. He caught Jehovah's attention at the time as God decided to change the language of humanity.

Bottomline is, humans where made in God's image and that, in itself, is power

It just takes some extra loving and paying attention to ourselves, to realize this fully!

Pay attention to how much time and love was put, into creating us: "Why didn't He just give us Black-and-White vision?" "Why did He give us a brain, that's powerful than supercomputers?"

The least we can do, is appreciate this divine love and one way is by giving out, to exploring ourselves as a creation, so that life becomes a bit deeper than eating and drinking.

What is our purpose? What were we created to accomplish? Are we on this path?

Looking at it critically, isn't it even hard; 'to do a lifetime of just bread and wine'?

"Go to work and stay pawn, in some probably anonymous person's dreams or vision, for a bowl of lukewarm soup, while shoving the tiny dreams we are able to create, under the beds, like porn stuff and skunk socks?"

Yes, daily bread but is it all there is; and just if, daily bread is all there is; 'can't we at least develop choices and go beyond rice and some boring hotdogs daily?'

It is plain to see! Jacob had more favor in Jehovah's eyes over Esau, the first son; for Esau sold his birthright to Jacob to satisfy an instant and perhaps shallow and temporary impulse! Jesus had fasted for 40 days and 4o nights and one of the temptations was; "Turn these stones to bread"

"Man must not live by bread alone but by every utterance coming out of the mouth of Jehovah"

Two ways to learn about our Creator; studying the scriptures and marveling at creation. Thus; "How much of our eyes, do we use?" "Our mind's eye; how much vision does it have?" 

"How much of our hearing, do we use when listening to that melody; how much are we told of? 


This ugly old bird has dreams or at least entertains it:

(Picture is my creation and silly thoughts)

"Have in subjection, the fish of the sea and the flying creatures etc, Multiply, fill the Earth and subdue it". 

Animals of today are inventive; 'There is Blacky, the millionaire cat!'

Mosquitoes device means against your hefty slap; 'they will rigmarole around your ear!'.

Mice read; 'they will eat off your name, from your university certificate!'

"Coconuts know not to fall, when your head is at stake? Can't that be termed love?"

Bottomline, even non-humans now have ambition, dreams, are capable of displaying love, have choices and make the most of them, apply their sense of touch, smell, vision, etc

Becoming the best version of YOU, is of essence to the rest of humanity. Life is basically about touching lives. 

How much self-belief, self-worth, you have; how much you have found yourself out; how much you have come to know your purpose, etc; affects your choices; your decision making; how much you feel you are deserving or worthy of etc. 

Becoming the best version of yourself, will bring you closer naturally bring closer to a human, in God's image. You will be more defined in your decisions and more established, in how you show love, in your responsibility towards humans in general, even in your morals!

I just want to tell you this: 

"You are deserving of every good thing! You were created GOOD!"

Dream Big?

"Woman, how will you ever go all out to to get a skyscraper; when you already feel a lesser human, in the face of a 6ft3 model?".

I mean, if you can't fruition it yet, rehearse it! 

If you can't experience jetlag in an airplane just yet, go play in the escalator of a 25-storey building, coming all the way down at full speed! 

If you can't seat in a glass tower just yet, to look beneath, upon a span of minute buildings below; look at the integrated circuit board, inside your PC and imagine it already! 

Well, it starts there! 

Bob, who didn't have a dime, still went asking the price of an AUDI car at a car shop and returned home with a FERRARI car. How? 

Coincidentally, a wealthy man Alice, had walked into this car shop at the time and upon thinking that Bob, was actually about to buy the AUDI; he walked up to Bob and pleaded that Bob chooses any other car and put it on his bill, just so he can buy his wife, her favorite AUDI car!

It all started with many things! 

For one, ofcourse Bob is deserving of everything good that life has to offer and ofcourse, the sole reason that He was created in God's image is sufficient, on its own, to make him deserving of every good thing! Now Bob, must know this fact, within his core and it must be unshakeable! Then, he must take that walk! Dream it! 

'Haha, isn't going to ask the price of an Audi car, without a dime, such a dream?'

Well, perhaps not! The 22nd Century is lurking in the corner;

"Dreams are now almost equal to reality".

I mean, if going to the moon happened; then owning a ranch filled with ponies and bunnies; is like 'going to your backyard!'

And before you hurriedly conclude that you don't want a yacht; why not get there first, taste it; before you conclude!

Life isn't only about us!

We are more of value, when we are of essence, to the rest of humanity. 

Imagine, what Jehovah must feel during his leisure, when he seats up there in the heavens as he looks constantly beneath, to occasionally see his creations in happy state!

Giving is sweet. Forgiving is sweet!

You just found out that; @dantheman is actually a woman or that @berniesanders is not the Bernie Sanders of politics; SO?

Forgiving is sweet!

Let's always be loving!

Steemians already testify to the love, that have been displayed on Steemit and on the 'internet of today'; this; is what will make Steemit, long-lasting!

See what @penguinpablo has to say about YOU!


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