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In the past few days, i decided to spend time exploring the likes of Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer. It is already approaching January 20 and it quite pains me that my last two task requests (1, 2) haven't been completed yet, especially since i intend to begin a health-rehabilitation in February.

I went on Fiverr yesterday and tried their custom-request feature. My intention was to try these avenues, to get programmers who would carry out my tasks

Prior to yesterday, i have tried the more popular approach on Fiverr, of trying to contact freelancers directly from their database through direct messaging, which wasn't very successful as most of the web developers who responded to me acknowledged that they aren't very familiar with 'steem' or blockchain technology overall.

I think places like Fiverr is a nice place to contact programmers and get them onboard steem. 

Since i had limited success by contacting programmers directly, i decided to try their custom request feature yesterday. Imagine that i was conscious in how i titled my request, making sure not to mention the word 'steem', not only because i wanted potential programmers to approach the request but also because of what happened to me on Fiverr some days back, when i tried to create a steemit-related gig. Ofcourse, newly-create gigs have to go through a review and approval process, which was successful but then, minutes later, when i tried to edit my gig to insert the word "steemit" into its title, my gig was deleted. It appears that words like "steemit" etc, are censored on Fiverr.

Anyway, i successfully created a custom request yesterday and just minutes later, i noticed that i have received up to 11-bids from different acclaimed web designers. I intend to respond to each one later today but i am not with high hopes that i will get a developer from these ones, to help me with my task. Reading through each profile and corresponding bids, i have large doubt that they even read through the 'request' as most of their replies appear like bids to get 'the payment' and in some cases, are unrelated to my request. Regardless, i will give them a try.

No loss overall, i learned a lot about these platforms (fiverr, freelancer and upwork) just yesterday and i see many more ways by which '' can removing barriers-to-entry and create more of a dream-building services marketplace than a freelance services marketplace.

I have also spent some of today, breaking down my existing open-task-requests, into minute and simpler tasks. I am re-writing them currently on GitHub, for any developer who wants to participate. 

The tasks still maintains its bounty, a total of more than '600 steem' and if you create development-posts related to these tasks via utopian, probable curation from utopian.

I am working hard these last few days in January. Each day left in January counts and matters a lot, so if you help me, it matters.

There has been recent development on, which you can track on our GitHub and by visiting to explore the site. We are hoping that it re-launches this January and never stops working from then on.

Find a breakdown of open tasks here:


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