The Evolution And Development Of, A Revolutionary Freelance Services Marketplace, With Free Gigs & Services.


 A revolutionary freelance services marketplace built on the steem blockchain, that 'removes all barriers to entry from dream-building' for entrepreneurs, by implementing an 'untalented & community' paradigm, where 'everyone has something to offer'.   


This task is a series of micro-programming tasks. The task covers the following:

  • Add Default In-Title Prefix In 17 Post Editors Across
  • Add Auto-Save & Edit Function To Posts & Comments.
  • Add General Styling To Way Catalogs Of Gig-Cards Are Displayed On All Categories & Sub-categories Across
  • Search & Categorization

Details proper

Special notice

If you would like to contribute to our project, we are now adopting a new style of contribution. 

If you are designated to undertake the entire task or any of the sub-tasks, we would like you to be able to send a PR to our repository each day, however small your coding-contribution is. Alternatively, you can provide us with a repository, where we can monitor your progress each day.

This will give us an avenue to inspire you (where needed) to stick to the time-allotment for the task or move on fast, where you are not able to actively contributing.

Note: This task request is also done via 

1. Add Default In-Title Prefix In 17 Post Editors Across

In a recent post, @tobias-g discussed his recent 'development' endeavors on all the post-editors across 



In this task, we want to follow up on his efforts. We would like you to add a 'graded-out prefix' into the title-box of all editors across

We have a total of 18 post-editors currently and we will be adding this 'graded-out prefix' to 17 of these editors.

This is a sample screenshot:

Below, i will add the 'raw prefix-text' that should characterize the title-box of 17 post-editors.

Why do we have this prefixes in-title?

  • To remind users constantly of what each post-editor is about and to incite the innovation of new-breeds of content.
  • To create awareness for '#steemgigs' & across steem.
  • To improving ranking for the keyword 'steemgigs' in search results and spark a trend on every social space for '#steemgigs'. ( has a surpassinggoogle-paradigm)
  • To curate talents/un(dis)talents alike across the steem blockchain. (steemgigs has an un(dis)talented-paradigm. On, 'everyone has something to offer')
  • To create awareness for the knowledge-bank
  • etc

2. Add Auto-Save & Edit Function To Posts & Comments.

In this task, we simply want you to do the following:

Add a function that auto-saves 'input' to our editors. This may be made to happen in-browser, like in the case of i.e whatever has been typed into the post-editor should remain intact, even where users refresh the page or where their PC suddenly turns off. This auto-save function should also apply to comments. (Kindly explore for ideas)

Then, we also want to add an 'edit' button/functionality across all editors on i.e users can click on an 'edit' button at the bottom of their etc and be returned to the previous state of their posts (on the respective post-editor that was used to create the post), to edit these posts. 

Note: While we have 18 editors across, kindly exempt the untalented editor from the 'edit' functionality altogether as it wasn't designed to display/save authored-posts on

3. Add General Styling To Way Catalogs Of Post-Cards Are Displayed On All Categories & Sub-categories Across

In this task, we simply want to adjust how results (post-cards) are displayed, whenever users decide to explore our our catalog of post-cards. 

Each category and sub-category (pages) displays a catalog of post-cards in rows at every instance. Where we begin to have a countless number of posts per category/sub-category, users may have to scroll up/down endlessly to navigate or locate their desire post-card. 

We now want to simplify matters and to this effect, we would like you to develop what is depicted in the sample image below:

We want to maintain a maximum of 10 rows per page. Users can visit a next page, to find more rows.

4. Search & Categorization

The Search & Categorization feature already exists on but it can be enhanced. Currently, the search portal does a pretty good job of providing results that are related to user 'search queries'. This is evidence that the 'categorization' feature on is functional.

Speaking of the search portal; below is a summary of its current capability:

  • It provides results when search query is found in the post-title/post-body. 
  • It provides results when search query contains a word that is related to a category/sub-category
  • It provides results when search query is found in the posts' additional tags. 
  • It also provides results when the search query is an account username (with '@' sign or without)
  • It provides results when the search query is not an exact word (but related to a parent word) e.g where the post body/title/category/tags only contains the word "code" but user searches with the words, "coding" or "coders".

As part of this task, we will you like to analyze both the search & the categorization features in existence on, to find ways to enhance it. 

For the search feature, here are some areas to look into:

  • Where user types it a misspells a word by one or two characters e.g 'codz' instead of 'code'
  • Where user searches using a long phrase or sentence. Perhaps, the search engine can seek out any related keywords from these sentences to provide more relevant results. (Currently, the search engine provides very random results, when user types in a sentence e.g a sentence like "i am looking for a programmer".

Consider analyzing our existing 'categorization' feature as well, to enhance it, where there is room for improvement.

In general, steemgigs constitutes a database of gigs etc. This means that its 'search & categorization' feature should be efficient and simple-to-use. This moves us to the core aspect of this task, which is 'refined search'.

Over the course of time, the span of categories and sub-categories will begin to increase. This will happen as more users become steemgiggers. Then, sub-sub-categories will begin to manifest as well. Then, there will be need then for a 'very refined search' function.

In the meantime, we want to work with what exists in our current database. At this point, we don't have that many areas to consider, in building our sorting & refined search feature, so will just be considering few parameters. These are:

Sorting function

  • Random
  • Free Gigs
  • Recommended (Certified Uloggers gigs)
  • Expert
  • Non-expert

Refined search (Filters)

  • Pricing (SP, Steem, SBD, Free)
  • Delivery time
  • Expert/Non-Expert
  • Seller location
  • Latest Activity (online, active, dormant)

Now, i will explain what we require of you........starting with our main categories.

We currently have these gig-related main categories across (We have exempted the main category called 'SurpassingGoogle' as it is not a category that will display gigs. It is our knowledge-bank!):

For all the main categories enlisted/linked-to above, we will only be adding the 'sorting' function. Here is a sample screenshot:

Here is a brief explanation of each item in the drop-down of the 'sorting' function:

  • Random (Default): This will display a random catalog of gig-cards (under its main-category) every time the page/browser is refreshed.
  • Recommended: This will display only gig-cards (under its main-category) that have been created by 'certified uloggers'. (Certified uloggers can be found on the followed-list of the @uloggers account)
  • Free: This will display all post-cards (under its main-category) that are 'free' (pricing).
  • Expert: This will display only gig-cards (under its main-category) that don't fall under the Untalented-SteemGigs category.
  • Non-expert: This will display only gig-cards (under its main-category) that also fall under the Untalented-SteemGigs category.

Next, we will be tending to all the sub-categories across

For every sub-category page, we will be adding both the 'sorting' function and the 'refined search' (filters) function. This is a sample screenshot depicting what we want:

Here is a brief explanation of each item under the 'refined search' (filter) feature:

  • Pricing - (gig cards are sorted according to user preference i.e SBD, SP or Steem but is set to 'any', by default)
  • Delivery time - (gig cards are sorted according to user preference but is set to 'any,' by default)
  • Expert/Non-Expert - (this was explained in the earlier part of this task)
  • Seller location
  • Latest Activity - [1. online: seller is consider 'online', if user has done a post or comment within a 24 hours period on the steem blockchain 2. active: seller is considered 'active', if she has posted or commented in a 7-day period 3. dormant: seller is considered 'dormant', if he hasn't posted or commented in a 30-day period.


A good place to start is 'to analyze the existing code'. Also, across the entire task, it is essential to test your code on different browsers to make sure the end-product renders well on different browsers.

You can decide to take one or more tasks. Kindly indicate your intention in the comment section below. Where you get stuck, we can always discuss possible solutions, logic etc We just may find answers! 

Overall, carry out the task according to your preference and  expertise, submitting a pull request and thereafter create a post highlighting your contribution, following Utopian's guidelines for Development (contributions).  


  • (For the entire task) 5 days   


You can contact me on:       

You can also indicate interest by leaving a comment underneath this post or on Github. 
It is recommended that we are able to discuss, for a better understanding of the task.



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