Save Surpassinggoogle! I Am In Rubble; Arm Outstretched! Take My Hand!

This is a very lengthy publication. (Altogether, it may contain some 20,000 words). Among other things, it contains a fundraiser 'to setup a physical hub/office called 'Macrohard' in the Philippines, for programmers'.

Right after this notice, i will lay bare a synopsis of the 'fundraiser aspect' of this publication. However, if you are able to buy out opportune time, i implore you to read the entire publication, applying your 'spirit and being' to paying attention to 'your boy Terry', in one giant read.

In the publication, i covered the 'histories and stories' until today. I spoke in an undertone, not only so that you can dig to reach me, but also so that you can 'mine of your human' in the process and find 'my gift' to you. 

I spoke of my ulogacy and i revealed the 'blue-print for world-adjustment', using knowledge contained in the 'no-books'.

My name is 'surpassinggoogle' across the internet. I spoke of 'surpassing google' and of the battles and breakthroughs. "There are dates now!"

Your boy Terry.


Permit me to appeal to your soft-spot. Kindly buy out time to pay attention to me with your spirit and being. Please listen even to my undertone.

I am Terry, your boy terry and my username is 'surpassinggoogle' across the internet and I need your help. I am in rubble, on the brink of a fatal shatter. However, my arm is outstretch that you can take it; that i can hand you a hand in return. 

In recent times especially, my health and fitness has deteriorated very fast. I am now 'energy-less'. My brain has grown tired. I haven't slept in years. I need drastic help fast.

After 5-years of leaving my parents, in a bid to return to them with their first 'whispers of good news' (courtesy of me), I finally had respite as i prepared to see them. They were to relocate to the Philippines, to live with me.

My mum arrived first!

On that same night, 'i was looking for a hospital', for she was ill. It was her first real illness and it was Leukemia. We spent only 16-days together, from hospital to hospital. I watched them pound her chest for 30-minutes in her last moments. She passed away. I just watched!

My dad arrived next, 'a giant man with hefty dreams'. Yes, he arrived but 'without his shine intact' for he was ill too and he has lost his wife.

I cater to him now. Each day, i hear his wailing. It is audible! I take a look at him. I just watch!

I want to love him better. I want to love him so much but i have grown too weak in my health. I have become energy-less, function-less and my resources have exhausted.

Before they arrived, i was 'in many battles' already. "I was surpassing google".

Seeking to adjust the world, i undertook the 'complexest tenets' of life to understand 'life and humans', that i can reveal 'the answers'. This happened!
From deep places, i found 'answers' and it was simple and it was this: "fix the tears with some teardrops". 

I evolved the models, kept 'the dreams' alive in 'dream-bits', wrote 'fresh curriculums', built an entire ecosystem called 'Teardrops', to reward each tear.

The models are set now, there are dates now, tunnels can begin to find light now. However, there were many battles and my body got beat. My body is beat now!

In the light of recent events relating to 'my parents', i kept deteriorating but faster. Besides the mental exhaustion, my dad 'has daily medical-expenses, hospital-expenses, even a pending surgery etc' that try i cater to. My finances exhausted fast especially because 'my body had entered into over-drive'. 
"Excruciating pains all-body-long", i kept eating like daily-bread. My very formation changed. I haven't slept for years. Till date, there hasn't been space for one 'rest'.

I need a rehabilitation fast but even so, my dad's needs come first. I can't halt working now. By all means, he needs a home and sustenance at least. In deep truth, the only fantasy that i can manage to create is, "i want to love my dad better". I have not been able to love him well.

There is still that chance for 'a healing' and the solution can be quite simple but at this stage, i will need your help.

I simply want to set-up an office/hub called 'Macrohard' near my house, in the Philippines. Macrohard is an entire enterprise. It intends to create a 'programming  language' that anyone can code in regardless of 'levels of literacy', further removing all 'barriers to entry' from the process of 'dream-building'. It will help project-owners who can't code to have 'better relationships with programmers and success at project-development', by providing these ones with 'programmers who can code with SWAG' (i.e "brother programmers").

An office/hub will help me heal. I can see faces again. I can maintain proximity to my dad to cater to him. I can empower others. Then, I can begin to allocate my 'many tasks' to fellow humans. My projects can keep on in motion. I can begin to find rest.

To see the entire plot, kindly read the entirety of this publication!

I turn to humans once again, to 'the beauty of creation' and implore you to buy out time to save 'surpassinggoogle'.

'Fit me' and there are many beautiful things we can do, for i am 'your boy terry' and that is a constant.
"Fit me" and for once, i can begin to love my dad aright.

'I can heal, i can heal' but i am in rubble and i need a hand, that i can hand you a hand in return. Take my hand and help me stand.

Save Surpasssinggoogle!!!

Help me raise some 'funds' to set-up a Macrohard hub/office near my house. As i accrue a portion of the 'desired funds', i will purchase 'a good camera and PC' first, in order to start the hub/office remotely 'via live-streams, interviews etc'.

As more funds are accrued, i will begin to set-up the physical office. Then, a portion of the funds will go towards the sustenance of my household (i.e my dad and i) for 3-months. This will enable my to buy some 'time', till i can gain feet again.

You can donate to this fundraiser directly here: 

Or via PayPal here:  '' or ''.

If you would like to donate using digital currencies, here is a list of my wallets:

  • Steem wallet: @surpassinggoogle
  • Bitcoin wallet: 1P3hHoXd2pzmGm9vsQKHZA6g2mXQgmgiUn
You can contact me via '' incase you want donate and you don't find a wallet address on the list that you have and you want me to provide it.

Are you ready to go in deep? Do you want further insight into each of my projects, 'the models', 'the curriculums', 'surpassinggoogle' etc?

Go in deep! 

Kindly buy out time to read the remainder of this publication, below... 

Preface (More Than Parables)

I live in places where life has the 'complexest tenets'. I have really lived the life in these places. I have done 'time' and it is never-ending but I have managed to keep one thing intact at least and it is 'my shine'. This a rarity!

I may have special gifts; I just may. I do! I do! I am grateful.

As ages past, i managed to 'shed the nations', that i could 'evolve the human'. This has required 'stubborn genes'. This is a huge feat! I was made for this but my body wasn't. 

Now, my body is broken; i am rubble and i need your help! 

Please read on....

 As you continue on reading, please listen to my undertone. Pay attention to me with your spirit and being, apply your 'mind's eye on my behalf and you will hear me. I am faint but you will hear me. I am 'talking-dead' but you will hear me. I am 'your boy Terry'.

Many live in the aforementioned places; these places 'where life has the complexest tenets'. They live without 'shine'. They have lived without 'their shine'. These ones are labeled 'tunnelers' (by world-standards). They are told to 'wait till tomorrow', to wait 'till the end of the tunnel' to find light. 
These ones are considered 'half-humans'. "Daily-bread" is the end. The means is "consolation".

In these very places, 'hoping' begins to hurt; 'it takes forever!' 'Breathing' is 'two gasps for one gulp'; no longer a reflex! People in these places 'do time', for there is a never-arriving tomorrow. 
'This' can't happen on forever, for there are dates now! Yes, in these places, the only thing 'time' relishes doing, is 'fly by'. Alas, "there are dates now!"

So, i went into 'these tunnels' to grasp 'its therein'. Listening to its undertone, immersing in its darkness, i found bliss and beauty; a valuable irony. I saw many things! 

"When you have seen many things, many things become ordinary". @surpassinggoogle

In these very tunnels, 'i did time' (i.e 'intensest suffering', without an outlet). I teared many tears. I discovered even 'untold breeds of tears'. 

I could process these things; I could bear these things; I could translate these things. ''Time" was a positive! 

In these very 'so-called tunnels', I found rare intel & revelations 'in stages' and each age 'in time', insight arrived; 'insight' only find-able in the 'no books'. Alas, there was so much knowledge in these 'no books'.

'The answers' aren't at 'the end of the tunnel'. "The end of the tunnel", those are the narratives in "the books" to keep a cycle in place. Yes, 'the tunnels' as sealed in 'the books' aren't designed to have 'an end', for 'it's a cycle' instead. That so-called 'tomorrow' was never created to arrive; an 'incessant consolation' it is, instead. 

'The answers' are 'right inside the tunnel'; 'the answers' are contained in the 'no books'. The answers are very simple! The rigmarole? Unnecessary!

My battles didn't stop. My battles haven't stopped. To me, humans are special and when it comes to matters bothering humans, i bear the consequences. I am 'your boy Terry'. 

So, I kept translating and translating....that 'the answers' be revealed.
Yes, each 'breed of suffering' that befell me, i translated into 'things of beauty', that there can be testimonial use for good. I sifted each 'so-called nonsense', to find 'sense' therein.

"Suffering must have essence, so that it isn't 'suffering for fun'." @surpassinggoogle

Without an outlet, i could exert my human virtues, i could grasp even life's 'complexest tenets', i could process each context; i could see many things. I was legit-illiterate by world-standards but oh, i could see.

In these so-called tunnels, i could "shed the nations"; nations became 'merely locations'. Then, i could see 'the nations' in their truest state, without 'influence from nations'. I was turning out 'full-blown human', with my 'shine' intact. I had no dime but money became 'the smaller things', for i had my 'shine'. I became extremely loving, very understanding of fellow humans and i grew. My very human was mined, its very substance evolved. Eventually, 'rare intel' began to arrive; 'the answers' simplified.

'The answers' are bare now. The models are set now. There are dates now!

No longer does anyone have to wait 'till the end of the tunnel' to find light. 

The Answers

I am nothing. I am mere dust. I am 'your boy Terry', whether 'bulls or bears' and i have done 'time'. I tell you, "many answers are simple". 

With matters regarding 'humans & green pasture' however, many of 'the answers' are located 'in the down-to-earth', in the 'first simplest obviousest solutions' and not in outer-space; not in the 'nth complexest solutions'. 

"Want to know what is on Bingo's mind? Start by asking it!"

However, over the course of time, the world has shifted (a lot) in its paradigms, becoming inclined more towards 'things of outer-space'. Information have grown more complex and "for a few". This is favorable for these 'select few', that the world stays 'a business'; each human a client. 

"A cycle!"

In a bid to evolve 'this business', bots, cute cats, superman, human clones, virtual babies, crypto-kitties, clout, luxury, gimmick etc begin to garner more value. Then, information becomes all the more complex, keeping it further away from the hands of humans (everyone). 

Curricula are put in place to keep this 'cycle' intact. Standards are set to capture the globe in fact. 'Hand-to-mouthmism' becomes almost 'the only deal'; "the end of the tunnel", the only goal!

Side-question: Where each gene is unique, where each human is defined, how can masses be so alike, captured into 'one cycle'? (I mean, even 'one stone will struggle to kill two birds'.)

Money becomes among 'the only thing' and 'labels & buzz-words' are invented and replayed, to keep preempted distractions in place, that 'humans are stuck and no longer evolve'. 

'The few'? They receive the accolades (as masses follow them into outer-space) and alas, they never 'evolve in their human' as well. They appear to shine, like 'small gods' but they are 'half-humans' instead and 'the irony' that permeates the world stays. 

'Half-humanism' needs to abate. 'Hand-to-mouthism' too! The cycle will have to break.

Then, 'the rest of world' becomes about 'seeking answers in outer-space'; about 'the things for the bots'. No longer is 'the human' mined, for 'answers' we must find.

"Adding some 'English' into the 'Mathematics' and even complex equations are suddenly non-equations." @surpassinggoogle

The world is still very novice; it thinks it is not! To the 'complexest tenets of real life', to the 'knowledge contained in the no-books' (i.e knowledge designed to evolve 'the human'); the world is still very novice! Many of 'the answers' sought after in 'outer-space' are located in 'the down-to-earth', in the no-books. 
The answer is simple, 'humans need to evolve towards their awesomest version'. 'The human' must be mined.
Among other things thus, there has got to be 'a revelation' of the content from the 'no-books', for balance' sake.

If the bulk of the world is hastily becoming about 'catching a fancy', about 'satisfying an impulse', about 'seeking the end of the tunnel'; there has to be another 'half' becoming about 'becoming full-blown human'. 

The further into outer-space we go however, there is a 'widening gap', leaving a growing rarity in the 'great men' industry. 

"There is a rarity in the 'great men' industry. We fix this rarity; we surpass google." @surpassinggoogle

The more the world is said to be advancing (according to world-standards), the more the 'number of tunnels'. A valuable irony! Alas, within this "valuable irony", lies most of 'the answers' (solutions). 

"We can't change the world. We can adjust it". @surpassinggoogle

It is simple; humans need to evolve into 'full-blown humans'. In many cases, we are 'half-humans'. The world begins to be filled with half-humans. Many humans; 'one identify'! Genes no longer hold sway. We are becoming programmed; 'like bots'!

"When did humans become so alike, 'a product of one curriculum', a shared an identity? There is no mystery then; 'one cycle' can capture the bulk". @surpassinggoogle

Many 'answers' are innate. They need to be mined. Many answers are in your own identity; in the beauty of your creation; in 'the down-to-earth'; in your 'shine'.
The curricula of the world aren't designed to incite humans to 'evolve in their human'. Life suddenly becomes about 'a race into outer-space'.
The 'smaller things'; things like 'perfection, comfort, impulses, money etc' become 'the end'; "god". Then, 'fellow humans' become 'an odd'.

"The world has got so much paint. Unreal!" @surpassiggoogle

At this stage, the world simply needs a balance. For this to happen, humans must begin to become 'full-blown humans' with their 'shine' intact. Value needs to be returned to humans. In a world filled with humans, money can't be 'the end'. In a world filled with humans who shine, 'money is the smaller things'.

Even labels, buzz-words etc will lose value! "You are developing", "you are developed", "you are third-world", "you are bum", "you are smart", "you are average" etc; how can these concepts hold so much sway in a world filled with full-blown humans?

In a world where "human" begin to have value, 'humanity' becomes 'the brother next to you'. 'A brother' first before 'a cute-cat'. 'Your brother' before 'superman'. 'That brother' before 'human clones'.

In an unpainted world where 'human' & 'mining human virtues' hold sway, many more things become forgivable. 

Going back to 'what the world has come to think of itself', aren't these things just 'labels' at best? 
"They are poor; let's fix them"; "We are poor, let's exhaust everything to feed/get rich" etc. Isn't the world grander things than just this?

Oh, it is!

Where poverty was never the issue, 'reward-distribution' isn't the right tissue. Not a soul made in Jehovah's image is truly capable of exhibiting poverty.

All along, when it looked like poverty was the issue, it was the 'human shine' that was missing, never-tapped or pummeled into relegation and even 'into redundancy' due to circumstances or due to the narratives and curriculum(s) renown by world-standards, that are modeled to favor mining things like 'the brain', talent, luxury, fiction, beauty etc.

Human virtues are innate to humans. We have these things as children. We lose it along the way.

Alas, there are dates now; there is a revelation now; many 'no-books' should be written and that has started now! 

Little Play zone

Let's look at 'the tunnels' again. Can it be that there are no tunnels? Can it just be that those labelled "tunnelers" have simply bought into a narrative, that keeps them in a 'cycle of hand-to-mouthism' (i.e incessantly seeking 'the end of the tunnel')? Can't it be that "tunnels" were created in terms of 'a cycle' and without a known end?

Let's look at 'the books'! Many books have been written; 'x = y + z' etc. Complex stuff!!!

Granted, the things contained in 'the books' are complex, things that robots can come to know and just perhaps, 'years from now', be allocated to do. So, was the tunnel to have an end or is it a cycle instead?

The things contained in the 'no-books' are of humans, less-complex, the very things that robots can't come to knowing, but where is this knowledge? Why isn't this knowledge written in 'the books for humans'? Who will reveal this particular knowledge? Why is this particular knowledge frowned at; ran from?

And 'the many things' that world-standards hastily propagate as 'suffering', 'poverty', 'tears', 'discomfort', 'sadness', 'untalent', 'imperfection', 'dirt' etc, can't these very things be 'labels' at best? That we keep running away from these things as if 'these things aren't of human' and run towards 'the pursuit of a facade' instead; who will reveal the content from the 'no-books' then?

In the face of human virtues, i tell you, many of the things labeled 'suffering', are translatable into 'things of beauty'. Many of the issues aren't issues after all but avenues to 'evolve our human', find testimonial use for good, exert our 5-senses, tap into our shine, attain greatness, become full-blown human etc

"Not every mosquito bite needs 911. Some need your cent". @surpassinggoogle
"If you have done ages in time, many things become forgivable". @surpassinggoogle

I CCTVed the world and found out its 'truest state' and the issues with the world, weren't that much of issues. Many so-called 'issues' are sand-boxed into a 'cycle'.
For the cycle to exist, you are fed 'buzz-words and consolation', till your very 'shine' enters relegation. They take 'your shine' and intermix it into 'new-found buzz-words' and while you are left in strife & competition amongst your brothers, they process 'your shine' further, mine it, add it into a 'giant pot of shine(s)' and show it as 'light' at the 'tunnel-mouth'. Then, they console and re-console you with 'new-found buzz-words' in a loop' and you become 'the tunnel'. 

The issues that constitute 'real issues' in the world, are very-fixable. "No money" wasn't one of these issues.

As for the tunnels, it simply needed light. Yes, 'lights' therein! All that was lost was 'the human shine'. Lights can go into tunnels or tunnels can restore their lights. It is easy. 

"There is light at the end of the tunnel"? A complex Irony! No, that is a cycle and a cycle has no end. Well, except you 'straighten the tunnel'.

I take a stand thus and say, "there are dates now, for tunnels can find light".

As per suffering itself, 'utmost suffering' is that from 'loss of shine'. Suffering must simply have essence, else it is entirely lost; "suffering for fun"! If suffering has had essence, why should 'generations yet born' or others suffer then. 

As per tears consider it "an emblem of human"; 'the by-product of mining the human towards its awesomest version' and in it you will begin to see 'breakthrough'. Now, celebrate each tear with some TEARDROPS.

Dead simple!!! 

The Fix.

Oh, 'a fix' exists! The ages of rigmarole? 'Too unnecessary!'

"Simply fix the tears, with the tears". @surpassinggoogle

It became all-the-more established...; the world has simply needed 'balance'.
Lights need to get right 'inside tunnels'. No longer does anyone have to wait 'till the end of the tunnel'; and where there is suffering, 'suffering must now have essence'.  

It was the 'human shine' that was missing all along, pummeled into relegation and even 'into redundancy' due to circumstances; but also, due to the narratives and curriculums (renown by world-standards), that are modeled to favor mining things like 'the brain', talent, luxury, fiction, beauty etc. 

"We were made in Jehovah's image", is a weighty sentence. We simply need to continuously evolve till 'we become we'.

Where we begin to write curriculums focused on 'mining human virtues' to compliment the existing curriculums in the world, 'a balance' is struck!  

The 'down-to-earth', the 'rare intel' contained in the 'no-books', will have to be revealed that 'knowledge' can become 'for everyone'. Then, more humans can evolve.

Even simple humans activities can be put to more testimonial good use, applied towards things like 'evolving the human', 'exerting or exercising human virtues, 'exploring our senses' etc. 

> 'Discomfort, flaws, sadness etc' isn't the enemy. 

'Fun' can be directional too, applied also towards  'mining the human'. 'Travel' too, as an avenue too to learn about creation; 'our own creation' being utmost; 'the Creator Jehovah', most-utmost!

Attempting to cater to this niche, we have looked to create an entire ecosystem called the 'Teardrops SMT ', one that'll dynamically emanate down-to-earth innovations, 'each innovation' modeled to play out a curriculum that incites humans to 'mine/evolve their human'.

Besides, each of these innovations play a role of 'revelation' (of 'the knowledge contained in the no-books') and play out paradigms that "remove all-barriers to entry" from 'everything good'  (for humans); returning 'value' to "human".

As a result, these 'three primary social-network platforms' below where born, each posed to 'remove barriers to entry' from a respective aspect of 'human growth', while revealing 'rare intel' to the world at large:

  • - to propagate a form of content-creation called 'ulogging'. This allows every(any)one to participate in the art of content-creation/content-curation, giving more testimonial essence to 'content-creation' as a tool to 'mine the human', while returning 'value' to humans and reshaping the entire internet. (See the definition of 'ulog' here.)
  •  - to create an ecosystem of freelancers & dream-builders, where "everyone has something to offer". This is accomplished by allowing and incentivizing 'experts & non-experts' alike to offer services, enabling everyone to participate in the art of 'dream-building'.
  • - an enterprise focused on making 'every(any)one' capable on their own of building a noble dream, by creating a 'programming protocol' in which 'everyone' can suddenly 'code with swag'.

We then sought to create a digital-currency that that can appeal to the soft-spot of every human and we founded 'TEARDROPS'. 

By rewarding the 'human activities' incited by the 'three social-network platforms' aforementioned, we can celebrate resulting 'breakthrough in human' with a 'breakthrough token/currency' called, 'TEARDROPS'. 

TEARDROPS makes use of a 'proof of tears' distribution model. This means that besides things like 'proof of brain', TEARDROPS will also seek to reward things like forgiveness, mentality, self-sacrifice, un(dis)talentedness, ulogging, legit-illiteracy, effort, 'display of human virtues' etc. It will also look to reward 'past deeds'.  

If we remove all 'barriers to entry' from 'everything good', so that 'everything good' becomes available to every(any)one; 'we surpass google'; and the 'Teardrops SMT ecosystem' is taking this testimonial harder route, erupting 'beautiful disruption'. 

Speaking of tears, did you know that there are also many other 'breeds of tears', besides happy, sad or un-fell tears? Once these particular 'breed of tears' are unveiled, we will seek to reward those too. 


 Where tears are defined right; 'a by-product of mining the human', 'an emblem of human'; then, 'we can fix the tears with the tears'.
Many times, it is the 'shine of the human' that is lost; never tapped or simply 'lost'. TEARDROPS seeks to restore that 'shine', abating the rarity in the 'great men' industry.

 The Path - To Enabling More 'Lights'

After ages 'doing time', the models are set now. There are dates now!

My username across the internet is 'surpassinggoogle'. This has grand significance and stands for, "removing all 'barriers to entry' from 'everything good', so that 'everything good' becomes available to every(any)one". 

There is a path to accomplishing this and it is this: "to abate half-humanism and hand-to-mouthism; to fix the rarity in the 'great men' industry".

> The issue is revealed now! Applying the right tissue is no longer a very complex feat. 

The issues with the world has never been poverty. "No 'full-blown human' created in Jehovah's image is truly capable of exhibiting poverty". This means that the solution isn't necessarily 'reward distribution'. 

Many times, it is the 'shine of the human' that is lost; never tapped or simply 'lost'.

People simply want to shine. They have simply wanted to be 'owners'. They simply want to be 'human'; not half-human, 'human'! They want to be celebrated. 

Humans simply need to tap/re-tap into their shine. 'Value' needs to be returned to 'humans', in a world where 'millionaire kittens', superman, pugs, 'human clones' etc are garnering more value. 

My aim thus, has been 'to compliment the curricula that exists in the world', by emanating and propagating a curricula that incite humans to 'mine their human'. In effect returning 'value' to 'humans'; 'beautiful disruption'; 'world adjustment'; 'balance'!

"We can't change the world; we can adjust it". @surpassinggoogle

Yes, to create this historical history, 'an entire curriculum' will have to play itself out that attempts to "remove all barriers to entry", in a bid to involve 'each human'.

Speaking of innovation for instance, we must begin to emanate innovations that dynamically attempts to "remove all barriers to entry", taking cognizance of each human. 

While the geeks take the route of emanating complex outer-space innovation, there must be 'another' taking the simplest (yet circumvented) 'down-to-earth' approach to innovation. This is essential for 'balance' sake.

While we can replay/recycle all 'existing innovation' on each new-found technology in a bid to 'distribute rewards', another must take the route of discovering and emanating 'fresh down-to-earth innovations', in a bid to reveal a world, whereupon 'money is the smaller things'.

Yet, another must explore the use of technology as a 'mentality adjuster'; 'as a tool to mine the human into its awesomest version', so that technology itself can begin to finds its own shine, tapping into ranks 'great'. 

Yes, while a portion of the world seeks to glorify things like talent, brain, luxury, beauty, another must reveal the unpopular 'tenets of human' as seen in the 'un(dis)talentedness, flaws, hassle, jungle etc'.

"Where the world is too painted, it is not really a world then". @surpassinggoogle

There needs to be a 'growing bulk of the world', breaking the bonds of 'imbalance' that the world isn't curing.

We are helping......! 

We have created an 'entire ecosystem' focused on returning 'value' to humans. It is called the 'Teardrops ecosystem'. The Teardrops ecosystem  will innovate dynamically enterprises that makes use of 'down-to-earth paradigms', in a bid to bring each human to further limelight, helping them shine.

Emanating from the 'Teardrops ecosystem' are 'three primary social-network platforms', whereupon users can begin to 'mine their human' consciously, courtesy of the same fun 'human activities' that they are familiar with, like content-creation, content-curation, gigging, social-interactions, programming etc.

Each of these platforms make use of 'down-to-earth paradigms' (relatable to 'by each human'), with the aim of inciting and incentivizing 'activities' that returns 'value' to humans.

Starting on '' (our front-runner platform), users can apply the fun art of 'ulogging' (a form of content-creation) as a conscious means to 'mine their human', attaining true celebrity-hood/icon-hood/greatness. 

Empowered with 'exclusive UI-perks', uloggers can begin to build 'communities' and accrue 'true fans', becoming 'owners'. (See the definition of a ulog.)

Whereupon they have begun to tap into their 'shine' and have become ready to build a noble dream, they can proceed to '' (a gig-based social-network platform where 'everyone has something to offer') to avail of 'brother talents/un(dis)talents' to help them, even for free. 

Whereupon the need arises for "brother programmers" to assist them with their 'project development', they can find these ones on '' (a social-network platform that is 'gathering the nations to code, with SWAG'). 

En-route this entire journey, they will have the 'Teardrops ecosystem' as their 'ultimate true fan'.
Together, we will celebrate their 'eventual breakthrough' with the TEARDROPS digital currency, rewarding their 'proof of tears'. 

"There is a path now. There are dates now. Lights can go right inside tunnels now".

Yes, we want to build every noble dream, fill the internet with ulogacies and fix the rarity in the 'great men' industry. We want to surpass google.  
We want to give concepts like 'money' its place in society as the 'smaller things', returning 'value' to humans. We want to take light 'courtesy of our shine' right into every tunnel, abating half-humanism and hand-to-mouthism.

The TEARDROPS token should have testimonial essence as 'more than just another digital currency'. We care about "real human growth". We consider this to be of more value than 'bulls or bears'. 

Yes, we want "real human growth (i.e teardrops)" to be the primary reward in our ecosystem. We want the TEARDROPS token to constitute stories and histories,  journeys and breakthroughs. We want each human to love to hold the TEARDROPS token, also for what it represents. We want to create an additional revolutionary use-case for 'digital currency'; one that 'rewards humans for becoming full-blown humans'. 

> The world is going into outer-space; we want to have them re-tap into their human; the 'down-to-earth'.

We will simply create tons of 'awesomeness' together and we will 'serve this awesomeness to the nations'. There is beauty in the world and so much of it still and even amidst the rampant cruelty. Thus, we want to resound the light, the good, the love, the forgiveness, the sympathy, the selflessness, the human etc, all of which exists still. This is the timely time!

> The paradigms in the world is shifting towards 'the down-to-earth' and it may not be too obvious just yet but it is very-very-very obvious.

Even technology is attaining a CAP. After 'blockchain technology', there will be 'AI technology' and perhaps, 'human clones' next. Then what?  
The world will begin to leave outer-space and return down-to-earth, desiring 'the real'. This is already happening.  

Soon, 'humans' will begin to re-attain more 'value' than 'bulls or bears', than crypto-kitties or virtual babies, than cute pugs, than superman or millionaire cats; and we (the TEARDROPS ecosystem) would have long started the motion; 'surpassing google'.

"There is a rarity in the 'great men' industry. We fix this rarity, we surpass google". @surpassinggoogle  

> This is no joke, this is no joke, this is no joke.

With the 'TEARDROPS ecosystem filled with uloggers (true celebrities)', we will have a community for real; one in which 'humanity is the brother next to you'; one in which 'nations are locations'; one in which 'each one is drawn to the Creator Jehovah'. 


Content-creation is still paramount in today's world. Words still rule the world. "Let there be light" and there was light!

This means that to reach the world, among other things, we will have to 'serve the search engines'.
'Content is key' to our movement!

By world standards, content is referred to as 'king'. In order to create a balance and propagate a more testimonial use for content-creation 'also as a means to mine/evolve the human', we are saying "content is queen" and emanating a 'down-to-earth form of content' called 'ulogs'. 

A ulog is a form of content spanning across any topic or niche, that is created 'fresh' at every instance (i.e without resourcing from that internet), composed entirely of ‘excerpts of U’. 
While 'blogs' or 'vlogs' are 'closer to perfect' in nature and limited to a few, a 'ulog' has an 'un(dis)talented paradigm', allowing anyone, regardless of 'levels of literacy' to participate. 

On an internet, where information has been static, complex and mostly recycled from era to era, 'ulogging' simplifies 'information' and keeps content dynamic (i.e created 'fresh' each time) and a unique 'by-product' of 'an evolving version of U'. 

By ulogging, humans can begin to tap into their 'innate human' with more freedom. Then, they can document and propagate the resulting 'shine' as 'content' into the world, filling the internet incessantly, with 'fresh pieces of human'.

By means of the simple fun 'art of ulogging', each human takes control of 'their mine'. The same 'mine' that the likes of 'Facebook, Google etc' have collected, kept and mined, to make 'billions' in revenue and 'influence the world' with. (This is further indication, that when you 'mine/evolve your human', even 'the smaller things' like 'money, popularity, clout etc' will begin to seek your very frequency and want to be hosted by you.)

Furthermore, ulogging gives more testimonial essence to the simple/fun art of content-creation. Besides, being a means to 'display talents, gather clout or recycle information' as is popular with 'blogs' and 'vlogs', 'content-creation' can now be applied too as a means 'to consciously evolve the human', 'to attempt out-of-the-boxness', 'to uncover the knowledge contained in the no-books', 'to exercise human virtues', 'to explore our creation', 'to be redirected to the Creator Jehovah' etc.

The more dynamic 'documentation' there comes to be, of 'the shine of humans' via the art of ulogging, many more noble dreams will emanate. Many more tunnels will find light!

The knowledge contained in the 'no-books' will begin to be reveal too. Then, the world as a whole begins to find more 'light'; each human evolving towards 'full-human-hood'. 

Now, you will have noticed our reference to the terms "brother talents/un(dis)talents" and "brother programmers". While attaining 'talent' is a valuable 'end', by world-standards; we say that "talent is generic". 

"Talent is generic. 'Brother talent' is something rare". @surpassinggoogle

In many worlds, building a dream comes with 'mountains of odds'. With the emanation of more 'brother talents/un(dis)talents', many more noble dreams will be built, even for free. 

Another very important 'ever-missing piece of the puzzle' when in comes to 'dream-building', is "programming".
While there are many 'programmers' however, "brother programmers" is in the ranks of 'great'. Where we can emanate many more 'brother programmers', many more noble dreams will come to life. 

Now, if we decide to celebrate each 'breakthrough in human (i.e teardrops)'with a currency that is 'an emblem of human (TEARDROPS)', this is historical history. 

We will have managed to create 'beautiful disruptions', simplifying the once 'complex Mathematics' with some 'English'; and in place of "x + y = z", we can say for a fact, "fix the tears with some TEARDROPS".

> 'Surpassing google', on the horizon.

Special note: The movement has been in motion and i speak with some testimonies. We have started rewarding 'breakthrough in human' for some time now.

The TEARDROPS digital currency is existence and have been exchanged since its inception, while even in its imaginary state. 

See image:

 Due to health constraints, in more recent times, the 'MARLIANS digital currency' was created to reward 'activities that mine/evolve the human/human virtues' on ' '; a side-project under the Teardrops ecosystem. 

The digital currency called 'MARLIANS', also applies a 'proof of tears' model. 

See this:

Upon full-recovery in my health, the Teardrops token will begin to attain full-blown life. 

See these:


 It started decades ago as 'the story of a boy who went through the intensest levels of suffering 'without an outlet' but to whom 'suffering' was a positive '. He bore it through to understand 'life and humans', to exert and exercise his God-given human virtues, to find testimonial use for good, to find rare answers. In the midst of so much cruelty, he turned out 'extremely loving'.

He wanted to stir 'beautiful disruption'; to take 'lights' right inside tunnels. He wanted to expand the context for' happiness, sadness, tears etc'. He wanted to find 'sense' in the so-called 'nonsense'. He wanted to remove 'all barriers to entry' from 'everything good', so that 'everything good' can be available to 'every(any)one'. He was going to 'surpass google'.

He created 'fresh curriculums', those not covered in/by 'the books' and he began to seek answers in the 'no-books'. In the process, he turned out 'full-blown human' too, 'without influence from nation or circumstance' and going through stage after stage of "tests & intense battles", RARE INTEL began to be revealed to him, that in turn he should reveal these things to the nations. 

He became a 'legit illiterate'. His substance became firm, deeply-rooted, unshaken; he became, "your boy Terry, whether bulls or bears". 

But this boy broke down too! 'In the physical' he 'teared many tears'. His mum died and he watched it. He was helpless! He was in so much wailing and pain. Then, his dad arrived too, 'all sick' (yet with his hefty dreams intact) and his dad would wail and wail 'till date' and this particular lowly boy watches this too, still helplessly; till one day soon, 'change' should arrive!  

> "May help arrive, may it arrive, may it arrive. May it arrive soonest!", are his words now. 

> Where you turn in a prayer, his 'amen' is on default.  

 **May this particular boy live.** 

Over the course of ages 'doing time' (i.e intensest 'levels of suffering', without an outlet)), i did many things to try to touch the world. I was "your boy terry, whether bulls of bears". 

I have thought of you many times. I have taken initiative on your behalf many times. I will bear even your consequences many times.

Pertaining to fellow humans, even 'the things of them' labeled 'nonsense' by world-standards i have sifted, to find 'sense' therein or testimonial use for good. I will forgive you a hundred times.

> "When you have done ages in time, many things become forgive-able". @surpassinggoogle

En-route evolving the 'Teardrops ecosystem' and defining its model/paradigms, an 'entire curriculum' has played out and by this means i have been able to reach many, helping them shine some more. 

Here are some of the lowly things i have done (even in the midst of my many pains and 'lost life'):

  • I have tried to impact as many people as i can reach.

In 'real life' and across the internet, via social interaction (e.g over several social-network platforms), i have managed to inspire many. I have had thousands of 'DM-chats' and i have given 'hours-of-talks' in a bid to share 'love'. (Some have spoken about me in heartfelt 'light' as seen here: 1 , 2 , 3 )

And some of my 'lowly words' have managed to reach the homes of many and are seated therein!

See these images: 


Then we say, "talent is not that impressive without the 'substance of the human', for 'just talent' is generic".


Here are some videos too:

  • I have considered everyone. 

"Everyone has something to offer". @surpassinggoogle

"Eliminate average, bum or smart and suddenly, we are all genius". @surpassinggoogle.

"Talent is generic. 'Un(dis)talent' is in the ranks of great". @surpassinggoogle

Over the course of time, i have dynamically instigated social movements/endeavors that has involved 'everyone'. For instance, some two years ago, i started a hashtag called '#untalented' and to make its inception fun, i initiated it with a contest title "who are you". The contest received more than 1,000 post-entries and each one was rewarded. The very post that announced the contest also accrued some '1000 comments'.

The 'un(dis)talented paradigm' forms a core paradigm of all my innovations.  

In more recent times, i started '#ulog', allowing every(any)one to become a content-creator and in the first 4-months of its inception, the tag produced some '20,000 posts and 179,000 comments', allowing each one to 'shine some more' by virtue of their content. (See recent stats!) 

  • I distributed rewards.

 I have been able to reach people with 'rewards' too! Besides other forms of rewards, i have been able to actively reach 'thousands of people' with some 'money' too. 

Via the art of content-curation, i have been able distribute 'monetary rewards' to thousands of users across several social-network platforms.

I also created the digital currency called 'TEARDROPS ', and even while TEARDROPS was in 'an imaginary state', i gave them out. 
In more recent times, i created the digital currency called 'MARLIANS' and have managed to distribute this too. (See evidence.)

'Money being the smaller things' however, in the art of curation and even in the midst of my 'many pains', i have gone out with love to reach each one with a piece of 'your boy Terry', leaving 'thousands of loving and empowering comments'. (See stat.)

Take a look at this screenshot: 

  •  I Began The Teardrops Ecosystem & Evolved Its Model. 

 "Fix the tears with some teardrops". @surpassinggoogle

The above words have come to life further over the past years. Starting on #teardrops, we have begun to regard 'tears' as 'an emblem of human'; 'a by-product of evolving/mining the human towards its awesomest version'; and we have began to celebrate and reward each tear.

We have moved together. We shine together. We celebrate this 'breakthrough' together, with some TEARDROPS.

Take a look at these images to see the world shining some more: 

  • I signed some autographs. I have requested autographs.

"Start rehearsing your signatures today and soon, you will sign autographs". @surpassinggoogle

Then, i went on to declare the fun words in the image below:

Starting even small, i have been "your boy terry" towards many; an 'ultimate true fan'..... 

and i would dig of myself even on your behalf, to pop out 'rare words' that perhaps, you will find your fixing....

and i would say, "you are celebrity and i am your fan". 

Then, i will ask your autograph, that i may cherish it.

and just when you ask for 'my autograph', i have rehearsed it aright, that you may hold it tight.

Your boy Terry, once again.

See these aforementioned words 'live': 

I am your ultimate true fan.

Finally, we say, "true celebrity-hood for everyone, once and for all". See how: 1, 2, 3, 4

  • I have kept on "your boy terry".

Over the years, amidst 'intense odds', i have kept creating. I have gone on to finding the very "vision within the dream'' and this "vision within the dream", i have kept evolving into 'levels of spanlessness'. 

I have done the 'stories and histories', the 'prayers and tears', that 'insight' may arrive and i have shared this 'insight' and laid it bare, that even 'my own suffering can have some essence', towards 'the world finding more light'.

In the nooks and cranny of my dark room, I have brainstormed and pondered and taken particular interest in the very 'elements' of human, to understand 'us' and love 'each one' better. 

Starting small, I have initiated social trends that carry 'tenets from the down-to-earth'. Translating 'my suffering' into 'things of beauty' we began to play out an entire curriculum that 'incites humans to mine human virtues' via simple hashtags like '#untalented', '#steemgigs', '#legit-illiteracy', '#macrohard', '#ulog', '#ourmamaterry' and '#teardrops', enabling many to experience some 'joy moments' and more 'shine'.

Together we have stuck and eventual 'families, communities and noble dreams' have been born.

See some videos of "your boy Terry":

  • I have created an entire school called 'Legit Illiteracy'
That 'every(any)one' can school, i have discovered and discovered; I have dug and dug and dug; I have translated and translated. "No 'books' involved!"

I have exerted and exercised my human virtues. I have done 'suffering without an outlet', that i may understand life and humans and grasp 'suffering' and answers. 

Now, there is a school and it has students. It is called 'Legit Illiteracy' and its curriculum is written. It will help! It will help! 

I have schooled in this school. I have done this! Now, every(any)one can school in this school too, even free. Now, every(any)one can go to school. 

The models are set now

 All my ages 'in time' and my endeavors to ensure that i became and stayed "your boy terry (@surpassinggoogle)" while 'doing time', have led to this: "the models are set now... there are dates now. Lights can go right inside tunnels now!"

Yes, the models are set now! 

Based on unadulterated feedback from each human in my journey and 'most-utmost and especial help from the Creator Jehovah', the 'Teardrops ecosystem' was established, including all its tenets and paradigms. 

The path is clearest now.

Humans simply need their shine. Humans simply need to shine. The 'Teardrops ecosystem' will help! 

Here are a few important things to note regarding the Teardrops Ecosystem.

Drawn from the 'no-books', here are some tenets of the 'Teardrops ecosystem':

  • We will not have a black or whitepaper. It will be a ColorlessPaper
  • Where we decide to use 'an oracle', it will be an un(dis)talented oracle.
  • Where we decide to make use of 'lists', we will have a grey/gray-list; 'not a black/white-list'.
  • We aren't out to create 'disruption'. We are about 'beautiful disruptions' instead.
  • Our ecosystem is built around a 'grey-list of certified uloggers'.
  • Our 'eventual aim' (big picture) is to direct or re-direct each human to our Creator Jehovah. 

The Teardrops ecosystem is composed primarily of 'three steem-based social-network platforms'. 

Here is a list (with some screenshots):  

                1. - a social-network platform created to propagate the art of ulogging (i.e the culture of creating 'ulogs') into the world and emanate uloggers globally. is reaching its 'alpha-stage of development'. It has been functional and in-use for close to a year. It is built on blockchain technology, specifically 'the steem blockchain'.

See image:

'' intends to emanate and rendezvous uloggers from around the world. (Gain insight into the evolution of the concept 'ulog' here!)

Users have profiles, whether 'public or private' and a reputation-score. Each user can create content, curate content, engage with other users, transfer rewards, earn rewards etc. Our driver content-form is called 'ulog'. (See definition of ulog)

Then, users who go on to becoming 'certified' uloggers can create 'ulog-communities' and be empowered with 'tools and exclusive UI-perks' to autonomously grow these respective communities. 

Making use of a 'proof of tears' reward-distribution model, we can incite human activities (e.g ulogging etc.) among users, that enables them to 'consciously mine/evolve their human/virtues' and we can celebrate their 'breakthrough' with a 'variety of rewards', including 'digital currencies such as MARLIANS, TEARDROPS and STEEM'.

In the future, '' will dynamically innovate and offer 'social-based UI-features and tools', empowering each user to shine some more. 

It will also build around 'a solid community', made up of a close-knit 'family of uloggers', who truly move together. 

Content-form/style across our ecosystem will begin to 'center around ulogging', with the aim of integrating the 'ulogging-style of content-creation' into every existing niche, community or enterprise renown to the world, courtesy of "ulog-substags". 

'Serving the search engines incessantly with ulogs' and the internet will begin to find 'dynamic content'; 'content' made up of 'fresh piece of humans'.
As the world begins to know about 'ulogging', each dictionary can integrate the word "ulog", each keypad can suggest the word "ulog", each social-media outlet can have a tab labelled "ulogs". Then, since the letter 'u' seen in the word 'ulog', stands for "you"; 'u, you and u' can shine some more.

'True celebrity-hood for everyone, once and for all."
'Value' begins to be returned to humans. Tunnels can find light. 

'As humans begin to tap into 'their creation' more and get closer to being 'in the image of the Creator Jehovah', many things are fixable. He is Love. He is the Creator. "All the answers lie there." 

                2. -  a social network that provides a 'freelancing & dream-building services' marketplace, whereupon "everyone has something to offer". has been functional and in-use for more than one year. It is still in its 'alpha-stage of development'. It is built on blockchain technology, specifically 'the steem blockchain'.

See images:

 STEEMGIGS makes use of 'down-to-earth paradigms' (e.g 'the un(dis)talented paradigm' etc), incentivizing and allowing 'experts & non-experts' alike to participate in the ecosystem. This constitutes "beautiful disruption". Many more 'noble dreams' can be incited as a result and many more 'noble dreams' can be built 'even for free'. (For instance, by means of, non-experts can now hone their skills while offering services for 'free' or at a cheaper price.)

Note that '' being an innovation emanating from the 'Teardrops ecosystem', builds around the same solid-base of 'certified uloggers' (applicable on 

Each 'certified ulogger' automatically has access to exclusive UI-perks and tools on '', to further enable them 'grow'. These ones begin to become more of "brother talents" than "just talents", ready to play an active role in helping others build their 'noble dreams', for the sole reason of being part of historical history.

We have also started integrating a 'database portal/mechanism' that is modeled to 'curate humans', regardless of their 'levels of expertise', which will enable use to avail users of an 'internal search-engine', that propagates "human". 

In the near future, we will allow/offer every website on the internet the ability to integrate our 'search-engine API', shining forth more 'lights' into the world courtesy of the 'shine and beauty of humans'.

In a world where crypto-kitties, human clones, AI, cute cats, millionaire pugs etc is beginning to garner more 'value' than humans, we can begin to return 'value' to humans.

Powered by the TEARDROPS ecosystem, users on '' can currently 'avail of gigs, create micro-tasks, submit testimonials, interact via-comments, curate content, contribute niche-based knowledge, study from our knowledge-bank etc' and they can be incentivized to do so, with a 'variety of rewards', including 'digital currencies like TEARDROPS , MARLIANS and STEEM'.

> Users can also get to pay for gigs or micro-tasks, using the tokens that they have earned within the ecosystem.

Too, in the near future, we will implement a model that allows users to exchange 'gig for gig', further highlighting 'money as the smaller things' and returning 'value' to humans.

Overall, with the emanation of many more 'brother talents (un(dis)talents)', many more 'noble dreams' will be build-able. 

> 'Generations yet born' will find a fixing. More lights can go inside tunnels.

Hence, on, we can get to say; "do the dreaming; leave the 'building' to us." 

                3. Macrohard - is a social-network platform modeled to emanate 'brother programmers' and create a programming protocol/language that will enable 'every(any)one' to 'code with swag'. 

Being a product of the 'Teardrops ecosystem', Macrohard will make use of the 'proof of tears' reward distribution model, powered by the TEARDROPS digital currency. 

As our users begin to shine and go on to 'building their noble dreams or those of others', they are likely to need 'programmers', more specifically, "brother programmers". There is a rarity in the 'brother programmers' industry and '' aims to abate this rarity. hasn't started building yet but its enterprise-model is set. intends to create a 'programming  language' that anyone can code in 'regardless of 'levels of literacy', further removing all 'barriers to entry' from the process of  dream-building. It will help project-owners who can't code to have 'better relationships with programmers and success at project-development', by providing these ones with 'programmers who can code with SWAG' (i.e "brother programmers") 

We will discuss more about 'the development of' at the later part of this 'fundraiser publication', at which point we will seek your support. 

Final Note:

Each of the 'three aforementioned social-network platforms' has a 'proof of tears' reward-distribution model. Each enterprise intends to play out a 'world-adjusting curriculum' that incites humans to 'mine the human', returning 'value' towards 'humans' and emanating more 'human shine' into the world. 

As importantly, all aspects of our ecosystem is built around a growing 'grey-list of certified uloggers'. A "grey-list" indicates that, 'this list is neither black nor white' and is open to each human. 

Being built around humans, each of our enterprises applies algorithms that are modeled to dynamically bring 'humans' to further limelight, making them 'owners'. (Read more about the perks and UI-perks available exclusively to our users

Furthermore, the TEARDROPS digital currency which forms a key part of the 'Teardrops ecosystem' is something grander than 'just another digital currency'. It is a 'token with a prayer', an 'emblem of human', a 'breakthrough token', capable of appealing to the soft-spot of each human. Its scarce model focuses around 'real human growth'. The TEARDROPS digital currency thus, should succeed whether 'bulls or bears' because 'humans' are involved.

This is how the 'Teardrops ecosystem' stands out. 

Our ecosystem seeks to remove all 'barriers to entry' from 'everything good', so that 'everything good' becomes available to 'every(any)one'. This means that we will continue to innovate dynamically, with 'the entire human populace' in mind, emanating down-to-earth innovations; with each innovation stirring 'beautiful disruptions', by giving more directional and testimonial essence to 'regular human activities'. 

Besides, 'catching a fancy', 'gaining comfort' or 'satisfying an impulse', we can begin to use 'regular human activities' also as 'a means to consciously evolve our creation'; told or re-told of the Creator Jehovah. 

Here are some other down-to-earth innovations that will form part of the Teardrops ecosystem: 

  • This is a side-project under the umbrella of the 'Teardrops ecosystem', that was recently developed. It takes the form of 'the mainstream type of social-network platforms'. However, it maintains 'down-to-earth paradigms'. It is already functional (in-use) and it currently hosts 'more than 2,000 user-profiles'. Availing 'the mainstream-user' of 'a mainstream social-interface (i.e', we can begin to introduce these users organically to concepts like '#ulog, #untalented etc'. (Read more about here). makes use of the digital currency called 'MARLIANS', which is also distributed via a 'proof of tears' model.  
  • An entire school called 'Legit Illiteracy ', that 'every(any)one' can school in. Its curricula have been developed and it currently has some students. (Read more.)
  • A playable game-app that targets 'billions of users'. It will be developed in the near future, deriving its model from a 'base-content' that is already garnering on UloggersTV, a YouTube channel that features ulogging activities from 'uloggers' across the globe.
  • Reality TV-SHOWS e.g #untalented etc. (The framework for this has already began, with its first-edition titled 'Who are you'. It will emanate series of world-renown contests that allows participation from 'every(any)one'. Coverage of these shows will come 'without gimmicks', 'without rehearsals'; just humans, 'real', with flaws etc.)
  • Four TV(s) - UloggersTV, TeardropsTV, UntalentedTV, MarliansTV. (This constitutes a very important part of the 'Teardrops ecosystem'. In our bid to reach every human, we will fill each TV, with 'humans'.)
  • A Search-Engine that curates 'humans (i.e both talents and un(dis)talents)' with an integrate-able API.
  • A 'new internet', whereupon "content is queen", simplified and updates dynamically with 'ulogs', in place of 'blogs' or 'vlogs'.
  • Tara: another side-project under the 'Teardrops ecosystem'. A social-network platform that uses the 'surpassinggoogle' paradigm with the intention of revealing 'rare intel', derived from the 'down-to-earth' aspects of  the Philippines.
  • A new dictionary; one filled with words/definitions that are derived from the 'no-books'.
  • etc. 

I Need Help To Heal. i Need Help Me Love My Dad Better. I Need Help To Setup A Macrohard Hub/Office In The Philippines. I Need Your Help.

In this segment, i will try to speak openly. For among the first times, i will ask help more confidently. However, i will speak in a undertone, so that you can dig deep to reach me. Perhaps, you will 'find out some more about yourself' in the process. This is my 'small gift' to you.

To hear me, you will need to listen to my undertone. As you read through the remainder of this publication, you will need to apply your 'spirit' and 'being' towards 'paying attention to me'

Permit me to appeal to your 'soft-spot' at least. 

Here we go...

Now, more than ever, we are closest to "Surpassing Google"! We are building now. All the models are set now.

but it is also now that 'my body is leaving me'. My body is broken now. 

I have grown ill.

It is true; "i have lived in places where life has the complexest tenets". I have 'done time'! 'That i can understand the world better', i did these things. To bring my parents their 'first whispers of good news' (courtesy of me), i did these very things. 'It is a crime', i know. 'It is a very-forgivable crime!'

Exercise your humans virtues once again and forgive me.

I would not eat. I would not sleep. I would do 'the starvation', to find more use for the dining-table than 'for hand-to-mouthism'. I would do 'the starvation' to 'sustain inspiration'. Alas, there were 'mountains of odds'. 'Air' was 'two gasps for one gulp'. Food can wait. "Food", go!

I didn't see sunlight, so that i could understand 'the dark' too. 

As a result, my body took a beating. 'My being' it was, that stood strong! 

Well, 'I was strong' but 'i am human' and my body is beat now; it is old and worn. 'The brain' is tired now and when i talk, it is 'talking dead' now. 

Let be weak now. Permit it this time.

The beating hasn't stopped. My battles have intensified extremely in the past years and i am on the brink of a 'fatal shatter'. I am in rubble and i need help. 

'Your boy Terry' is fading! 

My dad battled too! I saw this even as a young boy. I watched it. It killed me then. Till date, he has kept 'doing time'. It kills me now! 'Per minute of each day', it kills me. 

I live with my dad now. He crumbles to illnesses. Even so, he has maintained his 'hefty dreams', his 'human', his 'love'; glorious! 

It is complex. It is complicated. His very 'wailing' is filled with 'his un-met dreams'; i hear it. 

I love him.

He loves the world. Aloud, he prays for it. He carried 'this dream' too, the dream of 'adjusting the world for 'lights' sake'. He pushed for this, with so much love and 'heavy load', against 'mountains of odds' and there was no clear path but he kept pushing and now he can't see; "glaucoma"!

He 'did depression', in a world, where depression wasn't known to exist. We need new dictionaries! Yes, these very worlds exist. 

His ''greatness" is still unparalleled, for till date, even when 'his mind is not present' (dementia), he loves still. He loves the Creator still. He loves creation still. He is audible and in his undertone, i hear it.

He is alone; i understand it. He 'does time'; i know it.

I carry 'his dreams and mine' now. It is heavy, perhaps altogether, "the dreams of many nations" and it is in this especially 'dire times', that my body itself is beginning to fail me. I understand. 

It is a consequence! I have undertaken it. 'Where this particular consequence has essence', it is a 'positive consequence'. A very worthy undertaking! I understand better now.

but even from all these things, i can heal too. There is a chance...i feel it. Win-Win!

I need to heal, I am ready; but I need help. I need your help! I haven't slept for years.

I am very alone in 'these worlds'. I can't even love my dad right. I so want to. There is only one fantasy left that  i can still manage to create and it is this: "that i can love my dad well, even just a bit". Per minute of each day, i take a peek at him and i fantasize 'this fantasy'. It comes with tons of wailing, with many un-fell tears.

In recent times too, my mum passed away. From nowhere, 'she passed away'. I watched it. These things kill but you can't explain it. You can't even express it. It just stays there and you watch it be. You eat it. 'Like daily-bread', you eat these things and your very formation becomes 'of a non-human'; your 'each element' grows weak. 

And just if 'you love still', it is worse then. 'No outlet, no outlet', for 'you must be good' too.

I am a young man but i am '60'. May i live till '200' then.

"Oh, mamaterry; ourmamaterry!" May this publication stay up in time, for the sake of the beauty that you constitute. May it not be misconstrued". 

See our precious mamaterry:

This me at her burial:

You aren't allowed to mourn for 'positivity sake'. Yes, you can't be joyful either because 'how can you'. Then, at times for 'just one battle', to truly 'love ourmamaterry', that she can cling on to life, you stand there and battle like a half-human, helplessly watching.

Oh Mamaterry, i am sorry.

After 5-years of not seeing her, i got to see her but she no longer had her 'shine' intact. She was ill. She was in many pains; drained!

Her very first illness was Leukemia and with her very last energy, she had come to see her son. She had stood up and taken that '24-hours flight to the Philippines' to see her son and i couldn't love her right. I watched her die. I just watched. It kills. Till date, it kills.

5-years prior, 'i had given it 5-years' to return to her, carrying 'whispers of good news'. I left her at the airport, to the Philippines. I flew all the way 'away', to enter into isolation; to 'do time'. 

I ate 'depression' like food; and "starvation", i fed on it, for 'change' sake. 

My head grew bald. I laid it against the wall, to keep looking into that PC; to 'surpassing google'.

I studied the search engines. I studied the internet. I studied each human on it, down to their very elements. I went 'in deep' to understand life as it really is. My 'being and spirit', i put into 'this love' to see if 'love' could become strong, to see if this 'new breed of love' could stir change. I sought the Creator, till i got deeply close to him.

And eventually "i was returning home"; there were 'these plans'. Finally and for once, just before the '5-years mark', I had met with my sisters in Dubai, to prepare for 'the relocation of my parents to the Philippines (to live with me)'. Alas, "whispers of good news".

And yes, my mum did arrive (to the Philippines) and my dad, months later.

For 30-minutes they pumped her heart and i just watched. We spent her 'last 16-days' together, from hospital to hospital, starting on the night she arrived in the Philippines and i just couldn't love her right. 

She was 'full of love'. She is great a woman; 'ourmamaterry'. 

"Nothing was about her", for her. "Everything was about us, 'the world at large' and finding paradise". Even her mumbled 'last prayers' was about us, 'the Creator Jehovah' and paradise. How can 'love' be this strong. 

Yet, how can love be so 'helpless', in my case. 

How can i just watch and keep watching and forever and say, "tomorrow will be better", to someone i love, when i understand what love is? I say, "there are dates now".

I was 'half-human' in my fight for her. May her suffering have essence! Hence, 'my body' i broke, that 'my being' can be 'full-blown human' in our fight now, for 'there has got to be dates now.'

Then, my dad arrived to the Philippines. I spotted him at the airport, after '5-years of being away from him' and for for thirty minutes, i just stood stunned. I couldn't go close, 'weak in my many tears'. When i did go close, I could whisper 'nothing'.

I love him. I want to love him right.

He was very ill, his 'shine' evidently leaving him. 'The best man there is, the best father there is' and he was right there crumbling. He still bears the name 'Baba Terry' with pride. It must begin to mean something.

He had agreed to come all the way to the Philippines, with one 'strong thing on his mind'; 'i want to see my wife'. A strong man. A great man!

And what were my 'whispers' to be? 

If you only knew of 'the love' in our household. We chose it! 'Love sufficient for many nation', was in that house. 

My mum had kept keeping it away from me, 'that my dad was growing very ill', to do the pain on her own. It ate her up. I know it. She knew i was alone out here. She knew i was attempting to surpass google. So she kept 'her pains' to herself.

I know, because i have 'done time'. Even moreso now, i know because i am with him (my dad) and each minute of each day, we 'do time'. 

My dad eats 'his pains' too, like 'daily bread'. I know! I feed on these things too. Then, in the midst of these pain-stains, just if 'your being' manages to 'keep its shine intact' and you are a person 'laden with hefty dreams' and possessing of 'intense love'; there are 'no outlets'; you suffer like crazy.

"Suffering is not 'no food'. It is deeper things". @surpassinggoogle

I have kept crumbling and crumbling, in plummet-fashion, each minute of each day. I would hit my head on the wall, then push again. My dad is before me now. I can't keep watching him totter. It is approaching two years, since he arrived and i have not been able to love him right.

And it gets worse, for i am so weak now. Practically 'function-less and energy-less', my 'resources and time' have exhausted now. I need help to buy 'time' and in the process 'gain some feet', to begin to love my dad aright. It is growing late but it is not too late.

With some 'bought time', i believe i can catch a healing. Together, me and you, there are many beautiful things, we can do.

My body

I want to heal but at this stage, i can't do this alone. This is known! 

Quickly speaking of 'my body' in terms of 'getting a healing', many times, i am alone in my battles. It is a bit complicated. Many times, i am not even effectively capable of explaining my poor health-state to others, let alone convince them of it.

For instance...

can i explain to someone 'well enough', that i have not 'slept for years' and that it kills me?

The simple fact that i can even talk about it or relate my state to someone, constitutes ample evidence that 'i am not dying just yet'; but, how about 'talking dead'? Plus, would anytwo believe that it is possible for a human to 'lose the ability to sleep'?

How about the '24/7 excruciating all-body-long pains' that i have undergone till date, for years? How can i explain that to someone convincingly, when i can still manage to 'share a laugh' each time; when i can still give put in substantial effort towards inspiring others?

Can you tell how much pain i was in, in the video below? Could those who received me tell? Can i convince you that i was in excruciating pains in the video below?


Then, right after i have managed to leave you a 'motivating pronouncement', can i convince you that i have had to 'seat on the toilet bowl many times over the course of the day', seeking a hollow place to suspend by body upon, to get a measure of relief from 'excruciating pains'?

Or can i look at you with 'a glimmer of hope' and then go on to convince you 'that my eyeballs have kept growing in size due too much pressure (from pains)', except you have decided to look at 'your boy Terry' more intently, to look into his eyes?

Now, can i convince you with 'mere words' that a young man like me 'doesn't get to see sunlight', doesn't visit places, doesn't have leisure, forgets to breathe well, struggles to poop 'once a week'? Furthermore, can i convince you of the aforementioned things, after i have 'attempted/managed to strengthen you'?

To you, can i relay evidence that 'i have lost every near-term memory', when i can still manage to create this publication or innovate the TEARDROPS ecosystem? 

By default now, my nerves are 'always-on (i.e never rests)' and my brain no longer functions properly. Thus, i no longer have the ability to relax, breathe normally, sleep or 'truly rest'. Can i explain these things to someone well enough? Would you be convinced that, since 'i have lost the ability relax', i am unable to enjoy any human activity too?

Or, can i explain my traumas (those from 'doing time', 'being tied', watching my mum pass away, listening to my dad's pains etc? Can 'the books' contain a copy of my 'exact traumas'? May i have experienced 'new breeds of traumas', those contained in the 'no books'? Can i explain these traumas well enough to you, assuming you only read 'the books'. Can you read my words, if i speak in an undertone? Can you dig that far yet on behalf of another?

Can i explain this to you sufficiently, 'that each fiber and element in my body is tired and broken, my brain is crumbling and i that i am energy-less and function-less', when there is evidence that i still manage to accomplish more each day than an average person? Would you have known though, that for 'one hour of productivity', i have been in front of that PC for '24-hours' or that i have opened a hundred tabs?

Can i explain the anxiety and pressure that i undergo each day? Or the especial pressure and stress that i undergo solely from finding ways to raise money each day, for my dad's daily maintenance-medicines? Would you expect me to 'feel like a killer', anytime i fail to provide his daily-needs (especially meds)? Can i really explain these things 'well enough' to the understanding of everyone or anyone?

Can i explain to you 'the complexest tenets' that exists in certain worlds, if 'the books' that shape the state of the world are about 'catching a fancy'?

Would you know just how many humans i have tended to each day, to pay attention to their undertone? Can i convince you of how much brainstorming and pondering i do each day, in relation to 'world adjustment'? And if managed to convince you that i do these things, won't you simply tell me to focus on myself instead? And, would you understand it when i say that 'focusing on others, is focusing on myself?

Now, if eventually, i am able to convince you that i am ill and weak, can you 'dig on my behalf' just yet and bear my consequence?

This being my complex case, i end up staying 'mute' many times, pushing and drowning instead and pushing and drowning, till my body and brain breaks. 

I am function-less and energy-less now. I come here to now ask your support.

In the meantime, I am very positive and the only way i can explain that i have been, is with evidence in the form of 'my ulogacies', one of which is contained in this publication. 

Besides, by means of the Teardrops ecosystem (comprising of,,, Macrohard etc), light and shine can begin to fill up tunnels, so that 'not any longer does anyone have to wait 'till the end of the tunnel' to find light.

All this being said, it is established; "I need your help now". 

Do come to my aid, that i can begin to find some rest, while continuing to impact the world at large, that 'suffering may have essence'. Together, let's fix each tear with some TEARDROPS. 

Help Me Love My Dad

I want to love my dad better; this is known. I have not been able to love my dad well; this is known. I need help to love my dad better; this is now known. Please help me love my dad better.

Among other things, my dad is ill and he needs real care. He has many health needs and a pending surgery (required 'soonest than later'). Besides all this, he needs sustenance and shelter and in the near long-term, a 'calmer heart', a 'giant bed' and happy smiles. It is high time.

My mum took care of him in the years that he began to grow ill and in some of these years, i was away in the Philippines. She knew of my quest to surpass google. She knew of my depression at the time too etc. Out of love thus, she wouldn't tell me of the deteriorating state of my dad's health. I would get to talk to him and perceive it but she kept wanting me to focus on me. 

She didn't tell me of 'her drain' either but i knew of it and that was one of the reasons, i went out to the Philippines, with hopes of returning with 'whispers of good news'.

She bore it all and it drained her. My dad is a huge man, with 'hefty dreams'. It is not easy to watch these things; 'a giant man suffer'. Dictionaries need new words. She became ill too.

Months after she passed away, my dad had to come live with me in the Philippines. He was married to my mum for 35-years and she took care of him and now it was my turn, regardless of the tough consequences that was imminent, considering my own instability. I am his son, his only son and the Philippines was becoming 'the home'. 

All my life, i haven't been able to love him right. Now that i live with him, as a grown son, i can't keep feeding him the same old-consolations or hope. There has got to be dates now! The times are dire now. He is ill now. He needs love and care and even pampering. If i can't give him 'some luxury' just yet, how about 'good veggies' (he is diabetic). Alas, till date, i haven't been able to give him 'good veggies'.

I live in a nation, where i am truly alone in these ordeals. Who will help me here? I have had no visitor, for years.

Things is different now. 'All my resources are exhausted now. I ask your help now; that you help me re-attain a 'measure of stability', so that we (especially my dad) don't become 'shelter-less', in a location, where we are practically alone.

Till the near-past, i would push till i break. There were no outlets, no breaks. I rarely asked help. I love 'the more testimonial' harder routes.

At times, when i have been capable of asking help, i would have had to build 'something' first (at least half-way), so that when i ask help, i can render help in return. I have become about 'abating hand-to-mouthisim' too, that i had to be exemplary. This has meant 'building testimonies out of nothing', taking 'the more testimonial harder routes' and being in the stories and histories of these journeys.

Things are very different now. I am ill too. I am no longer very productive in these dire times. I need so much help and i am asking help.

Since my mum died, since my dad arrived, things have been different. My body broke faster; i have drained faster. As a result, my limited resources have depleted faster and at this point, my limited resources have exhausted. 

Without an ounce of exaggeration, "it is dead tough".

I cater to my dad now and 'things like sustenance, shelter & daily medicine' is a must. That i can keep providing him 'this measure of love' at least, is very valuable. However, in the near-term, my options are very limited. I will need to buy time, to enter into a state of stability again.

Speaking of options, kindly note that 'attaining a secular job in the Philippines' is not among the options. Besides my poor health and the need to be in proximity to my dad (almost 24/7), a high-paying job here pays 'some 400-USD/month'. (From 400-USD, there will be tax-deductions, transport expenses etc)

The cost of renting our house is 400-USD. 

The projects that i build online and my endeavors on the internet have been my source of sustenance and capital for along time but these resources have depleted and exhausted, especially as my own 'productivity levels' began to deteriorate. Plus, my expenses rose drastically, since my dad arrived. Each hospital admittance (for check-ups) for instance, have cost more than 1000 USD. 

My projects being startups, have cost me 'a capital' so far, which i have funded. Where i can continue to build these projects until a 'certain stable state', i can begin to seek revenue avenues courtesy of these platforms or consider a partnership. However, it has been essential that 'the base' of these projects are built 'solid', so that the 'intention of the vision' in terms of 'world adjustment' doesn't sway and this needs 'me fit'. 

There are solutions!

I would like to set up a physical hub in the Philippines called 'MACROHARD' and to accomplish this, i ask your support.


I no longer have 'saved-up funds' or an 'income' to cater to 'sustenance or shelter' and i now live with my dad who is ill. This is a very tough situation, compounded by the established fact, that i am now very unfit and very un-productive. 

While, I still manage to do a lot, i can no longer attain the speed/productivity-levels sufficient to raise 'income' from my work, in the very near-term.

Note that, when i say i am ill, i am already 'very-seriously ill'. I am not one capable of exaggerating. I need a rehabilitation critically and 'i am way behind schedule'. 

My projects do have grand potential of raising revenue/income in the long-term but that isn't the near-term focus. These projects, though functional and in-use, haven't reached 'a stage of development', where it can begin to create stable revenue. I also live in a location, where 'a secular job' can't sustain us (me and my dad).

This established, of pertinence in nearest term, is 'attaining a small capital', to enable me re-attain a measure of stability, while ensuring that i am able to pay rent and sustain my immediate household 'for a few months'. 

Thus, i will need your precious help to 'set up a physical hub/office' in the Philippines, near my house, called 'Macrohard'.

Here is why i have chosen the route of 'setting up a Macrohard hub'...

In the last one or two months, i have brainstormed and analyzed all 'potential solutions' to my dire plight and i have established "setting up a Macrohard hub", a 'balanced solution' in many ways.

It isn't 'a perfect' or 'an outright' solution but it carries potential 'from all dimensions' and it is a great feasible near-term step to take.

How so?

It is evident, that my major issue is 'my poor state of health'. I need a recovery. My dad needs me. My three sisters need me. 'My projects' still need me at this stage. I need me. The world could need me.

However, even with my current state of health, it is obvious, that 'catering to my dad' is most paramount. He needs '24/7 care', has 'daily medicine-requirements', has a pending surgery, must have a house and sustenance (at least) etc. This means that i can't put an abrupt halt to 'working' at this stage, regardless of my 'poor health conditions'.

Thus, my near-term aim with regards to 'my own recovery', is 'a partial rehabilitation' (i.e attaining '2-weeks/1-month of 'my first major rest')

Why not go for a full-fledged recovery regimen? 

Well, a 'full-blown rehabilitation' in my case, will require some '6-months/1-year' of a 'complete quit' from everything 'work-related', during which i will not have access to a laptop or the internet, to focus solely 'on regaining the ability to sleep', exercise, mental-care and 'the rewiring of my brain and body', among other things. In the best circumstances, this may also mean 'not being physically present with my dad'

This being said, another near-term dire need that prevents me from focusing on 'my own recovery' now, is 'sustenance and shelter'. Years ago, i lived alone in the Philippines. At times like this (i.e financial difficulties), i could cut down on living expenses and reside 'anywhere', till i gather feet. However, things have been very different since my dad arrived to live with me. My dad who is ill must have a place to lay his head and more.

Our living expenses in the Philippines has risen very drastically, that it is no longer sustainable, even if i had a secular job. High-paying jobs here, pay some '400-USD/month'. Our house-rent alone, is '400-USD/month. There is no room right now for me to stop pushing!

Going why i have chosen the route of 'setting up a Macrohard hub'...

Even in terms of long-term sustenance for my household, 'the development of my startups' is the target.

Since my health began to plummet, i have not been productive with regards to my work, most of which happens online. Then, my projects, being 'startups' has required 'capital and funding', most of which i have funded. Along with medical-expenses, living-expenses, server-expenses, bills etc my 'saved-up funds' and capital began to exhaust.

At this point, it is important to note that 'the development of my projects (i.e the entire Teardrops ecosystem)' is also a very big step towards 'my recovery'. A large part of this publication has emphasized 'the histories and stories behinds the Teardrops ecosystem'. Seeing these projects attain 'tangible life', is a big source of fulfillment.

For 'effective health-recovery' to happen, i must have had to build and complete 'the alpha-stage of development' at least, for some of my projects (i.e,,', which puts me in a better position to allocate tasks and 'project-growth' into the hands of others, in order to focus solely on my health-recovery, on a clear mind.

I have weighed all these things closely, in recent times, with prayer and 'insight from the Creator Jehovah' and i have settled for 'setting up a physical Macrohard hub' as a 'balanced solution'.

Any provisional near-term solution would have to be 'balanced' i.e it should allow me to 'be present with my dad', to begin a partial-rehabilitation, to maintain 'the development of my projects' etc. It should also become an eventual source of income. 

To begin this whole process, '' was invented in recent times. It is a side-project under the 'Teardrops ecosystem'. This project is easier to understand by a 'mainstream audience' and it is already functional and in-use, currently hosting more than 2000 users. While being a stand-alone social-network platform, the existence of '', enables us propagate the 'tenets of the Teardrops ecosystem' to a mainstream audience, by creating awareness also, to our primary projects like, etc. '' then makes it easier for me to begin allocating some of my tasks to others, while i begin to find 'rest'.

With '' in place, the next target is to 'set up a physical Macrohard hub/office near my house'. Macrohard is an enterprise under the 'Teardrops ecosystem', that intends to 'enable everyone to participate in the world of programming'. This will be discussed in clearer details later.

Located near my house, i will maintain 'proximity to my dad', while being able to 'gather people together'; powerful!

While the Macrohard hub will eventually target 'ways to raise revenue or income' (in the future), its first focus will be to 'gather people'. From this gatherings, we will create a network of 'programmers, graphic-designers, uloggers, freelancers etc' who have become empowered with 'general life' knowledge. We will also give special focus to creating 'quality media'. 

'Our network' will begin to form the base for the Macrohard enterprise and emanate 'true fans' of the 'Teardrops ecosystem' at large. 

In place of 'raising seed-funding' to further the development of our projects, we will emanate brother-talents via the 'Macrohard hub' who can afford to contribute their resources to the growth of the 'Teardrops ecosystem', for the sake of becoming part of historical history. Projects like ', etc' will form 'case-studies', providing 'our network of programmers etc' a sand-box upon which they can hone their expertise and grow. In effect, reducing our capital-requirements and speeding up the development of our projects.

Then, the school, "Legit Illiteracy" (a school that every(any)one can school in) will begin to take fuller form, right from our hub. 

All aspects of 'the development of the Teardrops ecosystem', will begin to stem from a physical base (i.e the Macrohard hub), enabling me to have a more profound impact on the shaping of our vision. As the 'vision behind the dream' begins to attain clarity, I can begin to relegate my tasks to others and focus fully on 'my health recovery'.

In the long-term, Macrohard will become a source of income too. Directly, we can begin to teach different subjects for a fee. Indirectly, we can begin to raise income through the 'quality media' we create. Ultimately, as the 'development of our projects' gains stability, 'longer-lasting income' can begin to stream-in.

Over the course of time, Macrohard will emanate 'down-to-earth innovations' dynamically, empowering 'people' (starting with youths located in the Philippines) to tap into their shine. 

Then, we will go on to build '', so that we can have far-reaching impact related to 'world adjustment'. Eventually, 'Macrohard hubs' will begin to emanate in different nations. 

Why didn't you just target seed-funding instead?

Now, it is true that i have developed 'already-working projects', possessing of grand potential. It is quite possible even 'at this stage of our development' to seek partnership or solicit 'a substantial capital', to speed-up 'the development of these projects'.

However, i have also reiterated in the earlier parts of this publication, the 'intention for world adjustment'. This makes 'the routes' harder. For the 'vision within the dream' to truly hold sway, the base/model of the projects will have to be completed first, before i can begin to considering 'a partnership'. This is because, the paradigms/algorithms/model behind these projects are unpopular and 'fresh'. 

Considering too, that the core paradigms modelling these projects stem from 'the down-to-earth, i will have had to undertake 'the stories and histories' involved in their formation to a certain extent, before considering 'the easier or conventional routes'.

This having been established, it is also obvious, that to take on these projects, i have to be fully-fit. 'Setting up a Macrohard hub/office' thus, constitutes a more balanced and feasible feat to undertake, at the moment.

With 'the Macrohard hub' in motion, i will look to attain a 'partial rehabilitation'. This can begin as soon as 'November 2nd, 2019'. With your help and support, i can begin the 'setting up of the Macrohard hub' this October and visit SteemFest, early November.

Even though i am a 'legitimate illiterate', i have been invited to speak at SteemFest (in the midst of 'the learned'), to a large audience consisting of venture-capitalists, friends and geeks. Thailand is near the Philippines and visa-free. 

If i am able to attend Thailand, courtesy of your support, i will have the opportunity of speaking about my projects and of creating valuable lasting-connections. I will also be able to meet people in person, some of whom i may have impacted and vice-versa. Most of all, i will be able to do 'my first-ever major rest'.

What Is 'Macrohard' About?

Macrohard is an enterprise modeled to emanate 'brother programmers' and create a 'programming protocol/language' that will enable every(any)one to code 'with swag'.   

We want to remove 'all barriers to entry' from the 'world of coding', enabling every(any)one to code 'with swag'.

While we will eventually build a social-network platform for this enterprise on '', we will look to start-up 'Macrohard' in a have physical hub/office, located in the Philippines. In the near future, Macrohard will begin to have physical hubs located in many nations as it intends to 'gather the nations to code 'with swag'.

What Needs Does Macrohard Cater To?

Many times, 'the ever-missing piece of the puzzle' when it comes to 'dream-building (e.g project-development)', especially in our era, is 'coding' (programming).  However, there are barriers!  

Not everyone can code. Not everyone can raise a budget to avail of programmers. Not everyone feels that the 'coding ecosystem' is for everyone.

Now, while there are many coders in the world, not many coders can 'code with swag'. Not every coder is a brother. There is a rarity in the 'brother programmers' industry.

While Bill Gates can compile the program that makes up 'complex Microsoft' in the comfort of an office, he may not succeed in writing the code for 'simple Macrohard', under the canopies of a jungle.

Too, touching on the 'content-creation/content-curation' aspect of the 'programming world', there isn't much documentation highlighting the 'human (social) side' to coding e.g the code-stories, the errors/flaws, the stories and histories etc, further forming 'barriers to entry' and propagating 'codes' as a 'language for gods'.

Codes are complex too! Made 'by geeks', for the most part. However, there are 'tenets from real life', that could  simplify code. These things need to be revealed!

Ofcourse, there has been advancement in the 'world of coding' over the course of time. For instance, we now have 'the open-source ecosystem', enabling people (even non-coders) to start projects from a base of code. There are also guides, resources, books etc explaining the application of these advancements. Nevertheless, there is need for a revelation of the expanse/depth/application of these resources, courtesy of insight contained in the 'no books' (i.e the perception of the 'legit illiterate').

The world of programming needs a 'balance'.

So far, the 'world of coding' is not for 'everyone', stalling or deterring 'the building of many noble dreams'. 

The 'world of innovation' in general, needs a 'down-to-earth aspect'; 'a swag effect'. The 'world of innovation' needs more brothers. The 'world of innovation' have to begin 'taking cognizance of everyone'. This very much applies to 'the world of programming' too.

Here are some other needs that Macrohard, will seek to cater to...  

  • The notion of "developing/developed nations" is recognized by the world in general. It affects the 'world of coding'.
  • Not every coder/programmer is a pro/veteran.
  • Not every coder has 'time-on-hand'.
  • Not every project-owner has large budgets.
  • Not every project-owner/innovator/entrepreneur has 'programming knowledge'.
  • Not every developer/programmer knows how to interact perfectly with project-owners and vice versa.
  • Not every developer/programmer is confident about their skills or 'levels of expertise'. 
  • Not every coder is effective in determining 'how much his service should cost'.
  • Not every project-owner is versed with 'how much the development of a project should cost'.
  • Not every project-owner wants a 'partnership/co-ownership' with their developers/programmers.
  • Though 'contracts' between project-owners and programmers can thrive on a "strictly business" model, there is still need for some form of social-relationship. 
  • Some project-owners may have large/sufficient budgets yet can't find "that like-mind programmer".
  • Some project-owners lose 'large funds' to 'programmers who didn't deliver'.
  • Some programmers lose out on 'large funds', by delivering services without getting paid.
  • Programmers are humans and they too can wilt under pressure. 
  • Not every programmer is versed in 'every programming language/framework'.
  • Project-owners may not know how to distribute funds aright, when dealing with several developers/programmers, leading to 'faltering relationships' and stalled projects.
  • 'Small-budget projects' can find it difficult to get developers/programmers or quality service.
  • 'Zero-budget projects' can be vanquished, without ever starting.
  • Developers/programmers need inspiration too.
  • Project-owners who aren't programmers may not know how to estimate the 'right budget of a project'.
  • Amateur-developers or programming-enthusiasts can't fully participate in the coding ecosystem.
  • Programming-enthusiasts can't hone their skills, by developing 'established projects'.
  • 'Non-coder' project-owners struggle to build or complete projects, even in the presence of 'a sufficient budget' and 'availability of programmers'.
  • Many projects, especially those being built by 'non-programmer project-owners', fail to meet their initial vision, as these projects can begin to sway from its intended 'model' or course, in the face of 'limited resources' or 'unavailability of brother programmers'.
  • etc 

The Macrohard enterprise seeks to fix all 'the needs'.

The solution was simple all along and Macrohard creates a simple model that suddenly involves 'every(any)one'. 

First, if we remove the notion of "developing and developed" renown by world-standards, to where 'nations are merely locations'; then, we can begin to remove "all barriers to entry" from the 'world of coding'

One way to accomplish this is by creating Macrohard hubs across every location.

But there is more... 

Here is an insight into Macrohard enterprise seeks to do:

  • Create a protocol that breaks 'giant/complex task-requests' into 'smaller/less-complex task-requests'. This allows more 'programmers' to participate in 'project-development', regardless of 'levels of expertise', 'programming-language proficiency', 'time-constraints' etc. It also enables both parties (i.e project-owners & programmers) to established better estimates of 'how much a task should cost', while eliminating or reducing financial losses for either party. As importantly, it allows 'non-coder project-owners' to have a more informed participation in the 'development of projects'. 
  • Develop a 'hierarchical micro-programming approach to project-development'. (i.e preemptively, 'development tasks' are kept 'micro' and tackled in hierarchically, in a such a way that, 'the code needed to complete an upcoming task', has been partially-built by a 'preceding task'). This approach reduces 'complexities' in 'project-development' and further 'removes all barriers to entry' from 'project-development', for all parties.
  • Enhance the model behind 'hierarchical micro-programming' while assisting projects-owners build their projects. To accomplish this, 'our network of programmers' will dynamically seek out 'projects' to develop using our model. This can also be their own projects or our projects. While using these projects as case-study, we can enhance the 'hierarchical micro-programming' model, while helping many build their 'noble dreams'. 
  • Propagate this 'Macrohard approach to project-development' (i.e hierarchical micro-programming) to developers and project-owners globally. This 'education' will begin via 'our physical hubs'; then, on a grander scale via ''. We will also begin to offer 'hierarchical micro-programming' as an expert-service.
  • Begin to incentivize and reward 'project-owners/programmers' who make use of the 'hierarchical micro-programming' approach in developing their projects.
  • Create an oracle that can estimates budget-cost/task-complexity and offer this as a service via ''. Project owners can outline their tasks and allow 'our network of programmers' to analyze each task and offer in return 'estimates' on task-complexity/probable-pricing/delivery-duration enabling project-owners (especially, 'non-coder' project-owners) to maximize their resources, while maintaining better relationship with their 'prospective programmers'.
  • Eventually, create 'a very simplified programming language/framework' called 'Macrohard'; one in which anyone 'regardless of their level of expertise' can code in.
  • Monitor/review/curate every tool/resource 'that simplifies programming', as they becomes available by virtue of 'advancement in technology' and maintain a database of these resources, searchable by 'everyone', via ''.
  • Incentivize and propagate more 'ulogging-style' content-creation 'under programming-related niches', via '' and 'serve the search engines' with the resulting content.. This not only allows 'programmers' to 'consciously mine their human', while in the 'art of coding' (enabling them to evolve into 'brother programmers') but further removes 'barriers to entry' from the 'world of programming', making it open to 'everyone' as opposed to 'just experts'.
  • Offer funding to projects-owners/programmers who struggle to build projects. (Funding is made possible by means of the TEARDROPS tokens.)
  • Setup Macrohard hubs globally that teaches "everyone" to code 'with swag'.
  • Create these physical hubs also in nations that the world call "developing".
  • Grow a network of programming-enthusiasts, programmers, entrepreneurs, project-owners etc who are 'brothers'. 
  • Dress up each coder with SWAG, regardless of 'levels of expertise' or location and dress up each coder for real 'in real-life', with an entire fashion line labelled "MACROHARD". 
  • Propagate curriculums that enable programmers to apply the 'art of programming' also as a means to 'consciously mine/evolve human virtues'.
  • etc

Read More About Macrohard.... like was originally intended

Macrohard completes the puzzle!

Recall that there are three primary enterprises making up the 'Teardrops ecosystem', namely, and, each one removing 'barriers to entry' to various aspects of human life.

Macrohard will begin to 'gather the nations to code with swag', further empowering each human; further returning 'value' to humans.

It will also bear forth 'brother programmers', fixing the rarity in the 'brother programmers' industry. Eventually, it seeks to create a 'programming language/framework', that every(any)one can code in, adding a 'swag element' into the 'programming ecosystem'. To top this, Macrohard will have a fashion label. Even literally, programmers can also begin to walk 'as humans' (not as gods or outer-spacers), with swag.

Starting via 'a physical hub' is grand. This way, we can have solid impact globally, starting from close-knit core. As we grow 'a network of brother-programmers' internally, we can begin to emanate 'down-to-earth innovations' with more frequency and at lower costs. Then, as we continue to 'remove barriers to entry' from the 'world of programming', we can begin to implore others to build their noble dreams and assist them in their journey 'as brothers', that they can find more shine.

In these hubs, we will all be students of 'legit illiteracy', now empowered with knowledge from 'the books' and 'the no-books'. With our 'human' intact, many more noble dreams will emanate. Many more noble dreams will be incited. 

This being said, the near-term aim is to 'setup a Macrohard physical hub in the Philippines'. Our initial target-audience will be IT-students from near-by colleges. They can visit the hub to hangout, do workshops, learn code etc A key investment will go towards 'media-creation', enabling us to capture and document content in the form of code-stories, code-errors etc, highlighting 'coding' to the world as a 'very-human endeavor'. 

In due time, we will begin to teach the art of 'coding with swag' to a growing populace of coders/non-coders in my location. 

Eventually, when '' is developed, we will attain grander impact.

Here Are Some Other Things That We Will Do At The Macrohard Hub:

  • Legit Illiteracy - (This an entire curriculum that participants in the hub will undertake. It is a 'school of study' that instills 'real life' tenets.)
  • Media - This is a key focus. Each day, we make sure to create 'fun' media, to be used for brand-awareness and 'world-adjusting impact'. This media will take the form of videos, podcasts, publications etc.
  • Media for our TV(s) - We will also create media for each of our TV(s), namely UloggersTV, UntalentedTV, TeardropsTV and MarliansTV.
  • Steem activities - Participants will also engage in 'mining the human' activities, initiated on our various steem-based social-network platforms, like, etc
  • Un(dis)talented Reality Shows/Contests - We will evolve the '#untalented brand/movement' right from the hub, initiating small-scale 'reality shows/contests' (no gimmick, no rehearsals etc), until we begin to operate these activities on a grander scale, to a mainstream audience.
  • Macrohard Fashion - We will evolve and propagate the Macrohard fashion-line starting from within this hub, enabling 'humans' to shine some more.
  • Game-app: Develop the model for the uloggers game-app.
  • etc.

Please Help Me 'Set Up A Physical Macrohard Hub/Office', Here In The Philippines!!!

I am asking help with all my heart. 

Help me 'set up a physical Macrohard hub/office' here in the Philippines. This will cost some money and i need your support to raise this money.

As reiterated just earlier, the existence of a Macrohard hub can incite 'many beautiful things', for me and for the world at large. Besides, it will enable me begin to heal and love my dad better. Plus, my 'projects development' (dreams) can continue, without a halt.

In the hub, I can begin to have companions and people rendezvous, to cater to some of my workload (under my supervision) and my being can begin to find some 'overall rest'. 

I really want to heal. My body is 60-years old. I still have a chance. So i pray. 

I want to live and i want to live with a full-brain, a functional body and a bright mind. 

Please help me.

May Jehovah help this cause.

How The Amount Raised Will Be Spent. 

Please note, that even prior to raising the 'desired amount', the hub can begin 'even remotely', once i have accrued some money. 

Starting with the purchase of a 'quality vlogging-camera and a modern CAM-enabled PC', I can start the office even virtually, proceeding with live-streams, video-interviews etc. Setting up a physical office however, is of pertinence, this is because, among other valuable reasons, 'my road to health-recovery' requires that i can gather with people physically. In the long term, the physical hub will stream in 'a revenue or income', which is very important for 'sustenance and shelter'.

Recall also that an important part of the hub is 'media'. Besides creating media for brand-awareness, project-growth, 'world-adjusting impact' etc, in the long-term, these 'media' could create a revenue-stream, sustaining the enterprise.

As we complete 'the alpha-stage of development' for each of our primary projects, namely ',,,', we can begin to 'adjust the world', till 'humans' begin to shine again; 'in the image of the Creator Jehovah'.

Beautiful disruptions!
Surpassing google.

Now, here is a breakdown of how your donation will be used: 

  • 1000 USD: Vlogging-Cam & a good CAM-enabled PC.
  • 2000 USD:  6-months of rent for a small-size office-space.
  • 1500: Office-setup costs (to include furniture, fast internet, banners, microphones, a projector, props, a few desktop-PCs, Aircon etc.)
  • 3500 USD: 3-months 'sustenance & shelter'.
  • 1000 USD: To attend 'Steemfest in Thailand' and deliver a talk about my projects.
  • 1000 USD: Marketing (to including 'open-events with prizes', cards, customized accessories, 'set-up workshops/events in near-by schools, AD-budget, UI-development etc.)

 **This publication constitutes my ulogacy. That you have read it and listen to my undertone on its own, is grand.**

My 'Thank You' is weighty.

Your boy Terry, whether bulls or bears.



You can donate to this fundraiser directly here: 

Or via PayPal here:  '' or ''.

If you would like to donate using digital currencies, here is a list of my wallets:

  • Steem wallet: @surpassinggoogle
  • Bitcoin wallet: 1P3hHoXd2pzmGm9vsQKHZA6g2mXQgmgiUn
You can contact me via '' incase you want donate and you don't find a wallet address on the list that you have and you want me to provide it.


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