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Surpassinggoogle - Direct Donation Details

Preface Kindly read about Surpassinggoogle. Your donat ions will go towards the set-up of a physical hub located in the Philippines called Macrohard. Donation Details To support this endeavor, kind donate. Here are some options: via PayPal: via Fundition:!/@surpassinggoogle/jfnt9dxs7 (FIAT & Digital Currencies via Patreon: via STEEM/HIVE: @surpassinggoogle Contact me for other options e.g BTC, ETH, LTC etc via ''.

Surpassinggoogle - The Summary Of EveryThing. Kindly Help Us KickStart A Macrohard Hub In The Philippines.

My name is Terry Ajayi and my username across the internet is 'surpassinggoogle' .  I am mere dust, a legitimate illiterate and 'your boy Terry' . What is surpassinggoogle? "Removing all barriers to entry from 'everything good', that 'everything good' becomes available to every(any)one"; "abating hand-to-mouthism and half-humanism".   There is a rarity in the 'great men' industry; we fix this rarity, we surpass google. @surpassinggoogle Surpassinggoogle - Preface  "I have done time!"  @surpassinggoogle The result? "The models are set now; there are dates now, lights can go right inside tunnels now!" Based on unadulterated feedback from each human in my journey and 'most-utmost and especial insight from the Creator Jehovah', the 'Teardrops ecosystem' was established, including all its tenets and paradigms. It is established, 'humans simply need their shine; humans simply need